Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Two Colors

Have you ever made a 2 color quilt? I love how dramatic yet clean the can look. 

I have been working on a drunkard's path in red and white.

It is simple to sew but I had been working on some other things so have lots of pieces cut out just not sewn. 

I have been also attempting to keep the Aurifil Block of the Month a two color quilt.

 Except this month they added 2 more colors. It is a simple 9 point on point, and I think if I change up the different shades I will be alright, but the challenge?  I don't have many ways to do that with what I have in the way of fabrics.  I am thinking if I order some blender fabrics is may help.  Here is the funny thing.  Red is my favorite color, but I don't have much. So I will put this aside. 

How about some Farmer's Wife Blocks?


Steps to the Altar

Pus in the Corner

Storm Signal

Basket Weave
Gentleman's Fancy
 Not bad for a few hours of sewing.  According to my check list I have 2 more to finish for the month for my monthly goal, and 29 more blocks to finish all together.  That is exciting! I have seen a lot of posts from people who get frustrated and quilt or just make the "easy" blocks.  But I am finding that each block is a lesson in patience, perseverance, and an immense feeling of accomplishment when you can get it to work. I also find myself trying to figure out how to make a block using more modern techniques which is highly satisfying too. 

I can't wait until I will have some more "me" time to finish up my farmer's wife blocks for the month.  I think this is one of the easiest sets  I have done for a while.  Can you believe that this month is flying by so fast?  And this is the first day I could get into my sewing room? I really needed a sewing day today. 


  1. You certainly do very fine piecing!! I have a hard time not chopping off points. Your blocks all look so nice. I don't have the Farmer's wife book, but I did get the Dear Jane quilt book, with hopes of making that some day. You are making good progress! Glad you got a day to sew!

  2. I love two color quilts but haven't made one - well, unless you count my redwork quilts. And I guess I should because they are only red and white! blessings, marlene

  3. I'm loving your red and white quilts!


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