Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stash Must Haves

I know all I talk about is cleaning up my stash which is probably getting really boring. 

I explained that I was pretty astounded at the amount of fabric which I have and I am still folding.

This is one box full of fat quarters.  These are Pam Kitty fabrics by Lake House or Riley Blake Fabrics.  As you can see I have exceeded the bin size even.

See how much easier it is to see what I have?  I still am folding and wrapping, and adding pieces to the scrap bucket to be cut up.  I decided that I wanted to keep my polka dots and ginghams together but everything else is pretty much separated by color.

I have lots of beautiful fabrics but there are a couple of things which I am missing.  I am missing some really great yellow fabrics.  They seem to be hard to come by for some reason.  Also considering that I love red I don't have much red either. 

On another note today I worked quite a ways from home, and so I decided to check out a quilt shop.

They had some great black on whites as well as some really cute fabrics on sale.

I also found a couple of greens to try to make my connecting block for my BOM from My Quilt place.

This was my original connector block.  Not really loving the green, and still not too sure about the orange.

I think this lime green may be more friendly, even though I still would love to keep the orange I am using.

Tomorrow I hope to get my new shelf sanded and waxed so that we can install it and the fat quarters and the smaller folds can be put away, maybe then I can sew and enjoy the process more. 

When you look at your stash what color do you think you could use?


  1. I really like the greens and oranges together.

  2. I really like the seecond green you showed. Maybe you're short on red and yellows just because they are your favourites, so you keep using them?

  3. Your fabric is looking pretty neat and tidy! When I look at my stash, I see too many reds and blues...they are my favorite colors so I tend to buy these colors, but, I can never seem to find the right shade of red or blue to use!

  4. I love your updates...I'm nosy I guess,,,,I love to see other peoples fabrics !

  5. You can always come and clean my stash when you are done. Wonderful blocks!

  6. Looks like you are getting a lot done on your organizing! I can just picture walking into your sewing room and seeing all your beautiful fabrics, it will be a happy room! I like your new green for the connecting blocks! I think I don't have much purple.

  7. I never buy enough lights. I guess I am drawn to the pretty colors and patterns and backgrounds are what I am always scrambling for. looking good! can I get on the list for you to come clean my stash too? LOL


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