Saturday, May 10, 2014

Inspirational Muse Wanted

While I was writing my post I was complaining that I could not find one of those dandelion weeders, nor get the tiller going.  Then it rained.  While I was sitting there writing inspiration hit. There is a small hardware store in the little town nearby. I jumped into the car and headed to "town". 

Success!  I bought two actually so I am ready now when I have a chance and the rain stops. 

This is the remains of Hairy.  He is an unidentified bush that sits by the house.  He used to be next to the back door until we took the door out and moved it to the sun room/mud room.  Hairy has a tendency to spread and get poison ivy.  Hairy has been cut back, there have been shoots pulled out but still he continues so spread.  I decided that Hairy needed to come out so I released Conan the Plant Destroyer.  He was more than happy to remove him.  Even after his work we still had a huge root ball that is going to need to be dug out.

You can see the sticks left over sticking up.

What is going to go into that place?  A Butterfly bush. My mom says that they get big quickly and kind of droops, my dad says it needs to be back away from the yard, my mother's attacks him each time he walks by it on his way to the garden via the path.  There are reasons why I should not talk to my parents, sometimes they just make me giggle. 

I wandered into my sewing room and made my last two blocks for my farmer's wife this month.


Also my stash enhancement showed up.  I bought some blender fabrics.
I liked the bubble fabric it is Robert Kaufman Dazzle and then Timeless Treasures Sketch.  Just what my stash called for.  Which gave me the fabric I needed for my Aurifil BOM. 

I am just thrilled with how it turned out! 

I did go to the guild meeting on Thursday evening.  I now am a member of the Monroe County Quilt Guild.  I joined just in time too.  I can enter the quilt show in the fall, and they were obviously prepared for me, because I was presented with 20 raffle tickets for 2 quilts.  I also decided to try a quilt challenge, way out of my comfort zone, but I am going to give it a try.  Now for inspiration to hit. 


  1. I will have to look for a dandelion weeder. I did not know about these. I hate using weed spray. Hairy was huge! I am sure you are glad his is gone. I think all your blocks turned out great! And you already have the Farmer's Wife blocks done for the month, that's great too 1

  2. We have one of those scary looking dandelion removers, but no Hairy...thank goodness! Sweet blocks!

  3. My nick name is Paula Bunion because I love to dig out bushes! Give me an axe and a shovel and I get to business real fast!! haha!

  4. I have never heard of a dandelion weeder before, I'll have to look for one!

  5. You'll have fun in the quilt guild....I'm caught up on FW except for the 6 this month, They are all cut out...but......I'm procrastinating because they are all challenging.


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