Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ode to Fabric Folding 2

Just a quick post.  I mentioned I threw all of my fabric on the floor and began folding about a week ago.

In the meantime we have moved a washer from the MIL's basement to the youngest daughter's house, did a lot of work around our house and yard, as well as the families yards, and I have been working lots of very early morning shifts which caught up with me and I now have a bit of a summer cold. 

I was a bit chagrined when I ran out of comic book boards yesterday while folding.  What does that mean exactly?  Well every piece of fabric bigger than 1/2 yard has been folded on a comic book board. The boards come in packs of 100 so that means I have well over 50 + yards of fabric and I still had large pieces of yardage to fold.  I ordered 2 more sets of comic book boards online and then thought, maybe there is a comic book store nearby that has boards.  Yessss! There is an it is cheaper so I purchased the boards and started folding again.
 This is what my folded fabric is looking like. 
I started out separating by color. 
Like the grays,
Aquas, turquoise and teals,

black tone on tones, and white on black. 
Then I thought maybe I should keep certain themes together like polka dots, and ginghams. 
The fifth shelf down has fabrics which are less than 1/2 but bigger than a fat quarter.  I have been sorting those by color.
I am also getting much better at fat quarter folding.  I am getting more consistent which will help when I get my shelf finished and installed. 

I am also discovering lots of bits and pieces which will need to be put into my scrap system so my scrap pile is building up quickly.

On a different note.  It appears that summer has finally arrived and with it so has mosquito season.  Around our home it is terrible, to the point it sounds like we are getting dive bombed by WWII planes.  We spray/fog around our home, the kids play structure, the gardens, and the orchard.  But since these guys are so little we decided that they needed to come into the house for an hour or so while we were fogging.

They are getting to that adolescent stage where they are not so cute.  They are developing their tail and wing feathers and are just kind of awkward looking.  But all is well and they are back in their Chicken palace for the night with a new light, and a new bigger feeder so that maybe the fatties will not have to be fed twice a day. 

I am getting antsy to sew but I am also really thrilled at all the treasures that I have found while folding. 

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  1. Everything is looking so nice and organized! Lots of beautiful fabric on your shelves. My fabrics are stored in large tubs under my sewing table. The chicks are still cute! Our mosquitos have not been too bad so far, but it has been cooler. I hope you get over your cold soon!


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