Monday, May 19, 2014

Fabric Folding

I was folding fabric, and folding, and folding and running out of space.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and just pull everything off the shelves, and the wire rack so that the room could be rearranged.

I stacked fabric in my chair.
On my sewing table.
On my cutting table.
And on the floor.
Because I was running out of space to put what had been folded already
and I wanted to move the shelf. That way I could put the fabric which is folded away finally. 
From this corner to a bit more accessible spot which was by the closet.  The closet door was removed so that the closet was more accessible.  The closet has some very large pieces of fabric, packages and rolls of batting, ribbon, a couple of  flimsies, and sewing machine cases.  The closet is not very big. 
The top shelf of the bookcase will hold larger pieces which are wrapped around comic book boards.  These pieces are are bigger than 1/2 yard.  The 2nd shelf has charm packs, fat quarter bundles, and jelly rolls.  The next shelf will hold more large pieces of fabric which will be shorted by color eventually. 
The next couple of shelves will hold folded half yard cuts.  Right now they are being stacked by color.  The bottom shelf has a serger, and fabric for 3 specific projects.
I started folding the fat quarters so that I should be able to get 3 rows in each box.  I have a lot of fat quarters to fold! I got the final coat of pain on my new cabinet, it needs a sanding and a some wax but hopefully we get it in the house soon then the fat quarters can get stored there.  I will work on this when I have some free time this week and hopefully get it under control so that I can do some sewing soon. 


  1. It is going to be so nice when you have everything folded and put in its place!! I envy you having a whole room for a sewing room. I have a 'sewing area' in one corner of our living room. We have a very small house, which is good in the winter here, easier to heat.

  2. I love folding and organizing fabric. Wish I lived closer to you! We would have have some fun getting your space all organized. =)

  3. Woww, what a fabulous stash of fabrics you've got. They're going to look great all folded, sorted and stored on those shelves and it's going to be so quick and easy for you to find things. It (almost) makes me feel I want to go and organise all of my fabrics too.

  4. Looks great! I'm sure that refolding all that lovely fabric will generate some new projects!

  5. Folding fabric is a lot of work!


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