Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's Bloomin'?

Some days when I have time I write a bunch of posts at once and then schedule them throughout the week.  Friday while I was feeling like I was foundering.  I started to write, then would run out and take some pictures, then write some more. 

I promised here to explain about the buckets in the garden.
Before planting
 Tomatoes don't really need water on their leaves they need water at their roots.  In theory a sprinkler while it distributes water usually hits the leaves, knocks off tomato blossoms and causes black spot.  A 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled in the side and bottom buried about 1/2-2/3 of the depth, and the tomatoes planted about 8-12 inches away is a more efficient method for watering.  When you water you fill the buckets as far as you can, and the holes in the bucket will water the roots of the tomatoes instead of all the surrounding garden, thereby being more efficient. Believe it or not these tomatoes already have a few blossoms!
My apple tree has blossoms which I think are just too precious!
Wow I need to weed, and till my orchard and most definitely mulch!
My sprawling strawberry patch and blossoms
 Again more weeding necesssary!
Prairie Fire Crab Apple it is just loaded with blooms

Flowering Almond love the profusion of pink blossoms

Bleeding heart love the sweet little dangling hearts
Lilac from the large row of lilacs along the road
I am just thrilled with how well my plants are growing and everything is blooming and smells so good.  We will have to thin out the Lilacs after they finish blooming.  They have been there for years, DH hates them but I pointed out that they actually help cut down the road noise and if we remove them we are just going to be bombarded with more noise than we already are.  I think they all just need some management to become better looking. 

Anything blooming at your place?


  1. Everything is looking so beautiful!! Everything blooming and growing so well. So glad your rhubarb came back too!

  2. The colour of the crab apple is beautiful, but how can anyone not love lilacs?

  3. I have no green thumb, but you obviously do! Beautiful garden and great idea about the buckets.

  4. Tommy digs up old milk. Jugs in the garden where his parents did that year's ago

  5. I'll have to try the bucket way to water !


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