Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all.  Such a busy day, and weekend.

Saturday was spent at the MIL putting up a  light on her porch for she can see the steps, pruning back a rose, some Hydrangeas, and sage, weeding the flower beds, and then taking her out to lunch and for frozen custard.

We had to stop by the grocery store on the way home, and then I made potato salad.

Mother's Day morning we got up, DH worked on tilling the garden and I started using my Dandelion weeder.

This is just a small section like 1 foot square small.
See this wagon?  The bag on the back is full of the weeds which I pulled, and the front of the wagon is full of Hairy, I ran out of time to get it out to the burn pile.

DH planted the buckets-  I explain more about it later.

These are a bunch of Hosta's that DH got last year.  I forgot to plant them and they sat against the garage all winter.  DH brought a bucket of compost and planted them.  So we have a wee bit of a shade garden.

 My Honeysuckle was planted,
 I tilled all around the Sweet Williams and Columbine
The Butterfly bush was planted.
The flowering Almond is starting to bloom.

I love the flowering Almond.  When I was young my great grandmother always had a flowering almond in her yard.  When she passed away I moved it to my house at the time.  That was many years ago.  When I look at it I think of my great grandmother. If it weren't for her my mother and I would be very different people.  I can honestly say that she saved my mother and when my mother was alone and pregnant with me she was willing to help raise a little one, and in turn saved me too.  She taught my mother and I that you don't have to be a blood relation to be family.  She taught us about God, and his love and how to be strong, loving and caring women.  I hope to be even in part the women they are and were.

I got to spend the afternoon with the youngest daughter and the minions.  We had a picnic and they played!
The Finn he has developed a taste for Pepsi thanks to his Poppa.
Gabe who is a hot sweaty mess all the time.
And Xander watching Finn get his first taste of the elixir of the gods!

Once we got home we finished planting the garden, watering it, and planting the flowers in the flower bed.

It is so nice having that stuff done.

Oh and I got some great stuff for Mother's Day.
A Finish sander so that I can work on my found furniture, and
two candles of one of my favorite scents.

Hopefully you all had wonderful days filled with family, and fun. 


  1. You really got a lot done!! I am glad you got to spend time with your daughter and grandchildren! Looks like they had fun! The Flowering Almond is a beautiful plant. It sounds like your great-grandmother was a lovely woman!

  2. You had a busy weekend. Your grandsons are so cute, and I love your presents. I too love Yankee Candles and actually have a Mountain Lodge one burning as I write this.


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