Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Goals

Is anyone else feeling like this year has been whizzing by at lightning speed?  I know I have, but my crazy work schedule has not helped a bit.

May Goals
1. Finish painting the cabinet for the sewing room
2.  Rearrange the mess in the sewing room
3. Yep 8 more Farmer's Wife blocks
4.  Aurifil Block of the Month
5.  Drunkard's Path-  Somewhere I calculated how many many blocks I needed something like 64 blocks, each block is made up of 16 quarter circle blocks.  Eight red, eight white which translates to 512 of each type of block. 
6.  Ancient Flying geese working on it as a leader and ender project
They are about halfway being made into flying geese once more.
7.  Relaxing Robin
Figure out the next round of this one.
8.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans just plugging along.  
The wagon wheel blocks are a bit intimidating so far.

I think that is plenty of goals for the month considering work is starting to pick up, the weather is getting nicer so we will be getting a garden in, and I am looking for some baby chicks to occupy our chicken house.

Plenty of excitement for May!


  1. Wow Colette, you sure have a lot going on. I love the colors in your Relaxing Robin block.

  2. You are a busy lady! I'm exhausted just reading what you're up to! :O)

  3. I hope you finish your May goals! You certainly got a lot done last month! I hope to stat quilting on my Hunter's Star quilt (I have to order some quilting thread). I also hope to finish my little basket quilt. Hope you get your baby chicks!

  4. lots of blocks on your drunkard path, glad I mostly just make quilts for family. some of your quilts must take months of working all the time on them

  5. Love your blocks....good luck with your goals!!


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