Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Quilter's Conundrum

Doesn't it seem like November is just whizzing by?  DH was off on Tuesday for voting day.  Me?  I didn't get home until almost 6 pm, no breaks during the day even.  I had a meeting, a class, another meeting, between my morning and afternoon runs, and another meeting before I finally got home.  The difference between teachers and bus drivers?  Teachers teach about 30 kids mostly of one age for 6 hours a day not including lunch, and recess.  Bus drivers deal with children 70+ kids for 2 hours a day but the ages range from 4-13 during one run and 13-18 on during 2 hours on another run. 

I think I am glad I didn't have voting day off too.  Dh split wood, most of the day in the rain the cold wind, and plowed to make the orchard larger and to give me an area further away from the garden to plant sweet corn and sunflowers for next year.  But I do get to have Wednesday and Thursday off which is very cool.  What is my conundrum?  I should clean house, I have some furniture in the barn to paint so I can kind of straighten up my living room, but I have lots of sewing and quilting to do also?  Also the weather is beautiful!

What did I decide?

I have worked on a few drunkard's path blocks.
A few basket weave blocks.

And worked on quite a bit of quilting during my free time.  I had started with my wavy lines, but I wanted some sort of star quilting too.  I found a free pantograph, printed to the size of the blocks I wanted to make, and started to copy it on Press'n Seal.

I then placed it on the quilt in the joins and started quilting. 
It takes a bit of time but it is working out pretty good.  While I am watching some of the old original Dr. Who from 1963/1964 I work on tracing the blocks.  I will need about 30 all together.  I quilt for a bit, then either piece blocks, cut blocks for my drunkard's path or cut some scraps.

I have made a few fabric acquisitions along the way too. 

I bought some flannel to make the Bertie's patterns.  I didn't want to do the BOM nor could I afford it, but purchasing the fabric, and some layer cakes on sale I am slowly acquiring enough to start.  Certain fabrics I am keeping the same, like for the background and Bertie.  The others I will do it my way.   I am kind of looking forward to making these little cuties. 

I also found this cute mini quilt pattern that I just had to have.  I love acorns and maple leaves. 

Oh and to provide proof I did do some housekeeping.

What do you do on beautiful fall days?


  1. Ignore the housekeeping. The dust will blow back in anyways.

  2. I avoid housekeeping at all costs!!! You should see the layer of dust on my furniture right now LOL!!! I do make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are clean, but the rest can wait while I quilt :*) Can't wait to see how your Berties turn out. Sometimes I really wish I had just gotten the patterns and made them my way too.

  3. love your basket weave blocks. I too try to avoid housework.....LOL I am an outside kind of gal in the summer and in the sewing room in the winter. glad you got to sew. looking good

  4. Wow! You had a very productive day! Your blocks are coming along great and I love seeing your flannel stash grow as you gather fabrics for the Bertie blocks.

  5. Love those drunkard's blocks in red and white :) and I agree, that looks like quite a pantograph...look forward to seeing your quilting. I am still slogging along with mine, I would rather piece also, lol!


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