Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Have You Done Today?

The weekend was very busy.  I do know that because of my crazy schedule I am awake by 5:00 am.  But it was all a blur.

Saturday I fed the girls, gave them some treats.  Took my life in my hands with the ice on the ground.  Squared up the quilt I finished the day before, buried my threads, took out some quilting in a small section and I will quilt that section over. 

I made binding for that quilt.
Two more chap stick holders.  I still have a few more to make.
I have quite the pile of yellow brick road blocks going, but looking at my strips, I am thinking I do not have enough to make a queen size quilt.  I cannot remember what size I started to make originally.
So I started looking through my scraps for more pieces that I could add to it.  While I did not use fat quarters I think it will work, but also purchased some fabrics to help it along.

That is the danger of having such an old UFO sometimes there are no clues left, and if you can remember what you were thinking 16 years ago then more power to you, but I cannot even remember what I did that day.   I decided that from now on I am going to start keeping a written journal of what I am working on. 

I cooked a pot of beans and corn bread for dinner. The beans even came out right.  DH and I did something we rarely do, we watched a movie Twelve Years a Slave.

Sunday we had temps in the mid 40's which is lovely.  Again I am up at 5:00 am.   The municipality that DH works for do leaf collections.  The residents rake the leaves out to the street curb, and the workers rake the leaves to the street, and suck them up into a truck which kind of mulches them up.  The snow and ice has messed up their schedule too, so they are desperately trying to get them up off the streets before they have more snow and ice. 
 I took an old tape measure apart.  I keep seeing the snap bags and decided I have to make some, and DH just happened to have a tape measure available. 

 This is what 25 feet of tape measure look like unwound. 

I fed the girls no danger today except that I get mobbed when I walk in.  I think they are digging a tiger pit in their pen so they can capture prey.  Hopefully I am not the prey. 

Ran to the grocery store, Joann's for some supplies to make Christmas gifts, the bread store, the bank, to the MIL's to deliver eggs.  I left the house at 8:30 am and I did not get home until close to 3 pm.  I started a pot of chili, unloaded and put away part of the groceries, did dishes and DH was home.   Not much sewing getting accomplished. 

My mother called and asked what I did all weekend.  I could not tell her much because I just couldn't remember and it seemed like I accomplished so little.  Isn't it strange when you do a ton of things but can't remember anything you did? 


  1. A snap bag is the very first thing I ever made on a hand crank, I keep saying I am going to make them as gifts but keep forgetting to!
    Yellow and blue is my favorite color combination, can't wait to see your quilt!

  2. love your chapstick holders and as for the blue and yellow quilt I have one of those too! I think I won some blocks in a lotto and was trying to add to them to make a quilt. someday..........

  3. You did have a busy weekend...I too am going to try those snap bags some day. Have a wonderful week!! Happy stitching!!

  4. you were very busy. i would like to try some of that snap purses.

  5. LOL !! ROTFLMBO Really....a tiger pit ! Still laughing !

  6. Busy, busy...careful on that ice! I am rowing a boat in the yard today with all the rain...sigh! No complaints.woulda made a large pile o snow, I know!
    Our ladies dig a bit but not in this weather, I left them "in" today.

  7. Keep us posted on the snap bags. I've seen them on the Internet and they sound interesting. Love the description of the Girls digging the Tiger Pit. I always joke with the pug boys who mob me for cookies, not to knock me down because then the cookie supply will end...


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