Monday, November 17, 2014

Rude Awakenings

Have you ever had a day which you are just kind of lost in time?  Well Sunday was one of those days. 

It started with this sound like a snap near our bedroom window.  (We are on the 2nd floor).  I looked out and our barn and garage lights were out, the street light across and down from us are out, the neighbors across the road and field were out, but the Ancient ones and the widow next door had lights.  I put some clothes on, grabbed a flashlight and headed out the door.  Someone had hit our power pole.  After they had hit a curb, taken out the speed limit sign, flew through the Ancient ones front yard, hit the domed storm drain cover, tore a section out of the Ancient ones driveway, and  hit our power pole taking about an 8 foot section out of it.  The wires kept it standing.  Whomever was driving fled from the accident, leaving their car. 

Fifteen hours later we finally got our power back, but boy it was a cold day, and with the early wake up call DH and I kind of napped off and on all day long. 

Saturday was a whole other story though.  I got quite a bit quilted on this quilt.
I actually ran out of light on Saturday.  I am learning lots now that I have a machine that works pretty well while quilting. 
1.  When you start breaking threads-  change the needle.
2.  It doesn't get light enough on the sun porch to quilt until about 10 am and by about 3:30 pm it is getting too dark so I only have about a 5 1/2 hour window.

I was so hoping that I could finish this up Sunday, but with no power I was not willing to run my sewing machine using generator power.  Maybe this week. 

I finished trimming up the blocks on the basket weave quilt, got the blocks put together, and one border.  One more border all cut and ready to sew and the top will be finished. 

A few yellow brick road blocks.
I have had this pattern and the blocks kind of cut out for a very long time.  The problem is that I had a tough time understanding the pattern.  I finally realized it did not give me directions for anything larger than a baby quilt, you would end up with 3 different block units, but the way you sew and cut them apart there is not a whole lot of variety, and you kind of had to figure out how many of each of the blocks to make on  your own if you wanted it larger even though it told me I needed 90 blocks.  Isn't that kind of a silly reason to put a quilt aside for years? That a simple quilt which many people make and is considered very easy totally flummoxed me. 


  1. I remember the yellow brick road quilt pattern and that it was very popular beginner pattern...I don't think I ever made one though. Good for you for going for a finish :) Glad that your headaches from the weekend are resolved!

  2. That's crazy! Did the person ever come back for the car? The quilt is looking good!

  3. Great quilts! Did they find the guy that ran?

  4. Did he really think no one would trace the car back to him? I don't have to worry about electricity when I sew - LOL

  5. Loving all your quilt projects! I'm thankful the driver didn't take the pole all the way down or hit the ancient ones' house!

  6. I'm glad no-one was hurt, and hope they've caught the driver by now.

    It looks as though you're making good progress with your projects, despite not having a sewing machine for part of the weekend.

  7. Wow...what a rude awakening! I imagine the driver is suffering many aches and pains! You seem to be working at full speed..especially love the quilt on the frame!

  8. You are amazing with all the things you accomplish in a day !


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