Saturday, November 8, 2014

Necessity is the Mother

What do you do when things don't go exactly as planned?  Improvise!

I was working on a quilt on the frame when I ran out of bobbin thread.  I had used all the bobbins I had prewound so it was time to wind some more, but I didn't want to unthread the machine and take it off of the quilt to wind the bobbins, I also had some bobbins that I had wound from my previous attempts with the Husqvarna/Viking that I could use if I had a way to unwind them.

 I had previously used my singer 66 to wind some bobbins and it worked marvelous, but it has a quilt on it getting quilted and I didn't want to remove it either. 

I thought about the my new to me Industrial which has this nifty separate bobbin winder, but I could not find a spool pin which was small enough to hold the bobbins which I needed to unwind and rewind, it would not sit correctly and I didn't want to take a chance on breaking it.   Not even a cone thread holder would work. 
 While cutting parts for the drunkard's path I decided I would like to sew a few more of them together and wondered....would the Singer 301 work even though the bobbin winder is similar to a bobbin winder on a 221 (Featherweight)?  Yep it worked so I was back in business. 

I have lots of quilts to quilt  and so I knew I needed to get crackin'!  I wanted to work on the guild charity quilt and had enough pantograph to do a row but the cabinet the machine is in is a bit sticky because the wood was not taken care of, the cabinet was what was an original barn find with a singer 15-91 in it.  It opens up nice and large, but I wanted to use the 15-91 on my quilting frame.  DH moved the 66 which was in a small flimsy type cabinet which was pretty beat up to the cabinet that the 15-91 was in, which gave me plenty of room to quilt.  But I just could not get the quilt to slide.  I have a supreme slider but it is on the machine on the quilting frame.  While I was in the kitchen it hit me that bakers use parchment paper because nothing really seems to stick to it.  I had just enough to cover the bed of the machine. 
While not optimum it will work until the new Queen Supreme Slider I ordered arrives and I can do some quilting on this quilt.  Necessity is the mother of invention. 

I was surprised at how quickly I can get a pass done on this quilt, even though occasionally I get lost on the pattern.  It is not always easy to see even with good light.  Everyday I seem to have planned to quilt, things don't work out, but I really need to complete some quilting! 


  1. Well you have been having an inventive time of it. I'm looking forward to seeing all these quilts coming off your "production line".

  2. You get so much done EVERYDAY and then blog about must NEVER sleep !

  3. come over to my house and help me sandwich two quilts

  4. Great progress!! Maybe you should get a sidewinder? Course, it looks like you just find the next machine up, eh?

  5. You constantly amaze me with all you accomplish and how creative you get with your machines. I need to come visit so you can teach me FMQ!


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