Monday, November 24, 2014

Excitement of the Holidays

I woke up this morning, said a prayer, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to read a couple of blogs before I head out the door to work.   All I could think of is.... I only have to make it 3 days this week!  Then I have a 4 day weekend to kind of,  do what I want.  Sorry if I sound like I have a bad attitude about my job, it isn't that, even after last week.  (Don't even get me started on a rant about people and being sick.  Nuff said!)

What I am excited about is that someone is making dinner for us, and it will be fun and relaxing, even though we will help since this is their first real foray into making a holiday dinner.  But it is also the beginning of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery.

Now Bonnie says she attributes the ideas and colors to her visit to Mackinaw Island, in Michigan and their Grand Hotel.  With Bonnie being such a rockin babe I am going to attribute it to the group Styx and their song Grand Illusion which was really popular when some of us were teens and  young adults.

Forget the late Thanksgiving night shopping for Christmas sales, and Black Friday bargains.  I am excited about starting Bonnie's new mystery!  23,000 Facebook fans can't be wrong?  Can they? 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Wonderful that you have some quilting time coming up. When I was working, I always did countdowns to my fun times! Enjoy!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off! I hope you get to spend some time with the grand babies and to do some sewing! We will be in the car...driving...and driving...and driving...
    Pugs and kisses,

  3. happy Thanksgiving. enjoy sewing on your time off! see ya in the sewing room. Bonnies mystery sounds like fun.

  4. Have a great day. I always think meals cooked for you by someone else taste so much better.

  5. I am taking out some quilting on my Christmas quilt ,shopped all day yesterday with Sis cooking and cleaning today. Have a great Thankgiving, we are having it with Tommy s girls tomorrow and my family friday

  6. You will have a ball with the Mystery! It is so much fun :) I can't wait to see how it turns out this year. I'm saving the clues, but probably won't start it until the first of the year.


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