Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shiver Me Timbers

Saturday morning and I thought I was going to go do some retail therapy.
Not my normal fabric store, but I needed some cheap muslin, and cheap batting?  No I was not going to make a quilt for someone I was going to practice my FMQ because for the first time in 8 months this is empty!  I wanted to practice the motif I was going to use on my next quilt and play with a really cool ruler I found. 
Can you believe it?  I have been struggling with a quilt, and sewing machines for months!  This is the 3rd sewing machine we finally put on it, the Singer 15-91 and it works wonderful.

Lessons learned?
Love my quilter that DH made me.  I have given him suggestions for upgrades.  ;)
After changing machines multiple times I finally found the one, but once I get so far in the quilt I only have about 3 inches to quilt at a time. 

I squared it up as best I could and tried to make sure that I did not cut off any of the points on the borders.  I have a lot of thread ends to bury, and I need to figure out where I had some stitching problems and mark it so I can rip out the quilting and redo that area.  I think some safety pins will help.  I am just thrilled that it is quilted at least.  I will get my binding ready too!

My plans have been thwarted by mother nature though.

We had an ice storm this morning.  The airport is also closed, a plane slid off the runway.  DH is at work, it is their holiday parade, fun run, and 5 K today for the municipality he works.  They are saying that the weather is going to warm up.  We will see.  But for now?  I have a yellow brick road to work on. 


  1. That looks cold...brrrrrr! I hope you get to work on your yellow brick row. :O)

  2. I love your quilt! I'm not surprised that a vintage machine works best on your quilter. :) Have fun quilting today, maybe you can go to the grand opening later today!

  3. I hated ice storms. Horrible driving. Have a nice sewing weekend.

  4. Ooooh, ice storm... stay inside and sew. Hobby Lobby can wait. Love the yellow quilt, is that one of the Bonnie Hunter mysteries?

  5. Oh well, the shop will still be there another day. Your DH seems such a great handyman, I wonder if he could stretch a machine for you to give you a dedicated quilting machine with a much bigger throat.

  6. Your quilt looks beautiful...seems like you have mastered machne quilting!

  7. I hope your sun room has a fire place and cat on a rug, to keep you cozy and warm ! I'm really happy for you finding a machine that works !!! Breaking thread....some say use a top stitch needle, but that didn't work for me, a Schmetz 90/14 seems to be my bet option !

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