Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Binding Tale with Cutting Errors

I had a wee bit of time to get my binding cut, and sewn onto my quilt.  I have been working on the hand sewn part for the past three days. 

 I have 2 huge packages of these little clips.  Want to know what is funny?  I only use 5 at a time.  I hated using them to fold over my binding while I was hand sewing the binding down, only to have them get pulled off accidentally while I was moving the quilt around.  I find that I only need 5 of them.  They hold enough of the binding down that I can sew, and as I reach one, I take it off and move it to the last spot. 

I only have about 1 1/2 sides sewing down of my binding after 2 days.  I have been trying to potty train a very reluctant 2 1/2 year old.  I have never had a problem before, but boy this kid is stubborn!  I resorted to reading potty training articles on the internet on how to potty train a difficult kid.  Not that he doesn't know how to do it, or that he can stay dry, his is plain old defiance.  He will sit for 5 minutes, whining and crying the whole time, get up, walk across the room and wet on the floor.  Lets just say this grandma is just as stubborn as he is (obviously he came by it honestly)!

I finally started working on my quilt guild challenge  Now it isn't like I didn't make an example to make sure my measurements were correct, it is just anytime I create something I am always afraid I am going to make a gigantic mistake and waste a bunch of fabric.  I did know that I wanted the background fabric to run up and down the quilt.  So I carefully cut out all my parts, laid them out, figured out how to make it so all of my HST were going the right way. 
Started to sew them together.  Dagnabbit!  I still had 4 blocks sections which were wrong.
Now when you can only find 1 yard of a fabric, you are pretty tough on yourself when you make the mistake, even though you only wasted about a 3 X 6 inch piece of fabric.  Aaarrrrrrgh!

Now to start cutting on the challenge fabric.  I really do not want to mess this one up either.  A fat quarter doesn't go very far, and I am not too sure where I could find more of this ugly fabric. 

I am glad that I have the challenge quilt almost all put together.  It will be nice to have something done which has a deadline, before the day before the deadline. 


  1. Oh gosh--you sound like me--I almost never buy yardages only fat quarters or 1/2 yds--so i am always quakin' in my boots when I cut--and I do make a lot of mistakes...especially with directional prints....I have a bunch of those "pearl bracelets" and am looking for a pattern to feature them....that flame fabric is a toughie--will be interested to see how you use it...hugs, Julierose

  2. I am to old for potty training. I have seen them talking about giving them a treat for going

  3. I had a three year old I was babysitting that refused to use the restroom, we would go rounds of her screaming and me making her sit on the toilet. Then her brother in the other room refused to do his school work, their parents were going through a divorce, so it was tough.

  4. Oh my! Potty training! One of mine used to go out on the front porch and hide in a corner when he had to go, so it wasn't that he was not aware of what was going on, he just did NOT want to sit on the toilet. Eventually we had success. Getting directional fabric the right way is s confusing.

  5. some little boys love to make a game of it. we put cheerios or fruit loops in the toilet and had him "shoot them". worked like a charm for my nephew.
    cant wait to see what you do with that flame fabric. I used to buy 5 yds of fabric and never worried about mistakes. now I worry how many projects it will take to use it up! lol

  6. I'm glad I don't have the responsibility to potty train a Monkey Boy...yikes! You are an amazing grandma to do that! As for the little cutting blunders, I've been there done that so I feel for you.

  7. Ah yes, it seems the more I plan the directions of fabrics in my blocks the more likely I will get one of the sections turned 90 degrees!

  8. Im looking forward to seeing what you do with that challenge fabric.


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