Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Midweek Ramblings

 I had set aside the weekend to work on my guild challenge project.  After a few mistakes I did get the top pieced..
 It ended up being about 18 inches square. My problem now is that I am at a loss on how to quilt it.  I am not too sure if I should do a stitch in the ditch, or just swirls all over. Maybe a stitch in the ditch around the blocks then matchstick quilting in the white areas. 

I have decided to make my own quilt labels which are a little more involved than the ones I currently use.  I didn't want to do embroidery, nor use the printable fabric which I have, because the pictures kind of look washed out,  so I decided to do a printed label but would try the bubble jet set, and rinse.  I worked on the labels Saturday for a couple of hours.  Now I need to wait for my bubble jet set, and bubble jet set rinse to arrive since I had to order them online. Once they do I can make my labels, and finish the binding on the basket case quilt that I have been hand sewing.
I did wander to the local quilt shop Lake Erie Mercantile, and acquire another row for the row by row.  Lake Erie Mercantile is the closest shop to my guild so several ladies from the guild work there. 
They didn't have the background fabric so the kit was kind of inexpensive.  I figure I can find a cute background fabric in my stash.  

I started on the next block for the BOM for the group I belonged to.

It is a cute block but it was written for someone with an Accuquilt cutter with the drunkard's path templates.  I calculated that my drunkard's path template would work and started cutting, but I got a bit confused when it came to color layout.  I started sketching but I can say I am not sure still about the layout.  I may have to tweak with it some more.
My garden is still inundated with weeds, but it was so nice to see these guys make an appearance, they had a rocky start with all of the rain we had early this summer.  Their nice straight row ended up wibbly wobbly. 
We have had some gray cloudy days, but not much rain.  Of course the day I took this picture we then had torrential downpours for about 1/2 an hour. 
We only had one zucchini which I shredded and turned into zucchini brownies!
Yes there is some sugar in them, but I can actually have one (ok it may only be about 1 1/2 inch square) but it doesn't make my blood sugar out of whack.  DH says they are super yummy so they had to leave the house or he would eat all of them so they went to the kids house for snacks after school. 

Finally I had purchased this little towel rack at an antique store several months back.  It was in need of a new paint job.  DH took it, sand blasted and painted it. 

Love it, it will come in handy to hang up the washed plastic bags from the food saver we use. 

I have had a couple of long days watching the kids, still at an impasse with the little one about potty training.  Because of that I haven't been doing much sewing but have been doing a lot of reading.  It is easier to read a couple of pages, while watching him to make sure there are no accidents than to be sewing.  Maybe once I get the potty thing down, I can start sewing more when I watch him.


  1. love your challenge top! I would quilt straight or wobbly lines all verticle OR some curvy to offset the angular tones.
    either way it is a beauty

  2. Love your bright churn-dashy challenge. I would spiral quilt it with the center being the orange and yellow hst...'course I have been on a spiral quilting kick lately.

  3. wish u luck with grandson. , we are to old to potty train!
    I's hard enough to hubby train

  4. I was oohing and aahing at your projects and then saw the brownies. Yum! My blood sugar went up just looking at them. LOL Love those sunflowers!

  5. I just love your challenge quilt! I agree, spiral quilting would look great on this quilt! How big is it?

    Good luck with the potty training!

  6. I like the design of your challenge quilt! Your sunflowers are a beautiful site! Those brownies look so good! I have had to quit baking almost completely, my DH was diagnosed with diabetes. I did make some banana bread with Splenda and applesauce the other day. It turned out pretty good, different, but good. Good luck with potty training!

  7. I like your guild challenge top. Fun and bright! I'm glad to see you draw up your blocks the same way I do, with graph paper and colored pencils. If I ever got EQ, I'd spend so much time designing quilts, that I'd never have time to make any quilts.


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