Sunday, August 2, 2015


Do you every have time where you are kind of shiftless?   Yes I lack ambition, I am directionless.  How do you make goals when you are in that frame of mind?

I have a bunch of quilts to quilt.  DH and I need to bring the quilter back in from the barn.  That is really heavy work. 

This is just a few of the quilts that I have to quilt. 

I have several UFO that I could just grab and go to work on.

Drunkard's Path

Online Quilt Group Block of the Month
 I have my embroidery with the barns.

I also have my cross stitch. 

And as usual I have sashing and cornerstones for my farmer's wife.
 I am waiting for fabric that I ordered so I can work on my guild challenge quilt.  That will be my one big goal for the month.

School starts in a week for the big kids.  Do you ever feel shiftless?


  1. I moved the machine I quilt on (very heavy industrial treadle) into the living room so that I will actually finish the quilting on my quilt. I have one more top after this one that needs to be quilted, my barn quilt from a couple of years ago. With getting ready for school, I do not have much time to do anything.

  2. I do feel shiftless sometimes--especially right after i have finished a big project (like Fiona's quilt!) or after I have cleaned my sewing room and re-organized fabric--it seems that I just don't want to mess it up again--silly me!! I call these times "dry spells"..recharging the creative juices....hugs--and hang loose--Julierose

  3. I'm totally with you at being shiftless. I wander into my sewing room and do a couple things, then I wander to the computer to check blogs, then...well, shiftless! Maybe once school starts you'll get your groove back. Love that red and white quilt!

  4. shiftless.....what jump project to project? not me LOL

  5. I feel shiftless lots of times. I have a very long UFO list, but, sometimes I just don't want to work on any of it.

  6. I do feel shiftless sometimes. I just love that red quilt.

  7. I can relate. I feel that way after every project I finish. I walk around aimlessly. Eventually I am inspired and get the groove back. That red quilt is stunning!


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