Friday, October 9, 2015

Great Big Smile

I have had another busy week.  I did accomplish a little bit though.

Thursday was quilt guild.  It was time to present my challenge quilt. 
Thirty people paid for the challenge fabric.  Unfortunately only 6 people met the requirements of a quilt larger than 12 inches on a side, but not larger than 40 inches.  The quilt must be quilted, bound,  labeled, and  have the focal fabric on the front.  The quilt must demonstrate your initials.  Mine was Churn dash, Sunset (colors), Links (CSL).  My quilt won first place.  OK I know not such a huge achievement with only 6 entries, but hey, I won which means I received a $20 gift certificate to the LQS. 

I worked on my block.  I want to call it bane of my existence, but it is done.  Let's just say I took it apart many times.  Sometimes you just have to call something good enough!  Don't look too close to my intersections or points. 
It is called a Split Drunkard's Path Star. 

While I have not had much time to sew, I have had time to shop. 

I have some Halloween fabrics and I wanted to make a small quilt, using a Halloween text for the background.  Of course I am always a day late or a dollar short. 
This is Boo Crew by Sweetwater for Moda.  It was out a couple of years ago.  I managed to find a yard on Ebay.  I think it will work for what I want.

I have also been contemplating a Thanksgiving Turkey table runner.  I saw this and had to have it.  Again from Ebay, it is Posh Pumpkins by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  Love the colors and think it will add a very nice touch to my table runner. 

Finally I like using the little mylar templates from Brandy's to do my handwork.  I finally found inspiration on Pinterest so I needed to order another baggie of 1 inch mylar hexie templates.  I also needed some triangles, and diamonds to execute what I want to do.  While ordering they have acrylic templates so I ordered one of each too to make it easier for me to cut, including the 1/2 inch hexies I have been working on. 

I think these are some mighty fine reasons to smile. 


  1. I love your 1st place win!! That circular quilting on it really adds a lot, too!! Today my back took a step backward!! i thought i was in the clear yesterday--but Noooo way! so taking it very easy. a good friend just dropped off a BOX of lovely purple siberian Iris for me--I am dying to plant them, but they will have to wait until i can BEND dwon...aack!1 Hugs, Julierose

  2. Congrats! Money to spend on fabric. Love your winning quilt.

  3. Yeah! You won! That is so cool. Doesn't matter there were only 6 - we bet you were the clear runner! Enjoy your winnings.

  4. Congratulations on winning! I love that quilt and the quilting you did on it. Looks like you have lots of reasons to smile.

  5. congrats on the win! you did an awesome job even if 100 were in the running.
    love that split drunkards path too.,

  6. Congrats! Love your little initial quilt!

  7. Congrats on your win! The spiral quilting really adds the right zing :)

  8. Congrats on the win. YOU are the one who finished (along with 5 others). That alone is an accomplishment. Love the colors and pattern. Have fun spending the gift certificate.

  9. Wowwee, well done on winning the challenge. I think your quilt is wonderful and I love how you quilted it too.

  10. Your challenge quilt is exquisite. I think you would have won first prize even with hundreds of entries. Congrats!

  11. Congratulations....linking them together was such a great idea ! You said don't look at your points and intersections.....well that's exactly what I can you say they aren't perfect? THEY LOOK PERFECT TO ME! I've redone and redone some things too.....finally I just say, "That's good enough for the feller I live with and it's good enough for me too " LOL


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