Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Were You Thinking?

I know there are times when some things seem like an excellent idea.  But upon further contemplation you start to think What Were You Thinking?

I worked a bit on my quilting for the charity quilt.  I had drawn a rough idea and finally settled on the idea.

I was going to put a star and continue them down the quilt on a diagonal.  But going up to the star I wanted some bars which looked like a ribbon twisting and turning.

I don't know if you can see it but when I started to quilt it up, the quilt actually started to spindle so I need to take it apart and do it again. Idea good, execution not so great.

I haven't sewn much lately.   All my insanity hinged on this problem.  Our main bathroom is downstairs.  Now don't get me wrong it is gorgeous, and it is big!  The laundry room used to be the bathroom.  But now the main bathroom which they remodeled a few years ago, takes up approximately 1/2 of the front of the house.  It is actually what they used to call the front parlor.  There is a big walk-in shower, slipper tub, and a huge vanity which is barely used.  :(
When they remodeled the bathroom, they also added a powder room upstairs.
The powder room was created by taking a closet out of one of the bedrooms.  I would have thought that when they did this they would have put a shower in.  But no.  Now most people when they shower, their clothes are in their bedroom just a few feet away.  Our house you either must carry your clothes downstairs to the bathroom, or you go traipsing through the house upstairs to get dressed which is really not very considerate when you get up at 4:30 am to go to work.  So we end up with clothes piled in the living room, or my sewing room.  My bright idea was "Lets put a dresser in the laundry room" where I can fold clothes, and also have some clothes so I am not piling clothes all over the house.  Starting that had a domino effect. 
I cleaned out my closet.  This pile needs to be washed and will be donated to a woman's organization.  These are all of the clothes that I wore for work, when I worked for one of the big 3-mostly business attire.

The next pile are from DH.  These will be taken apart to use to make a rag rug (I have a bug and am determined,  old T-shirts will work wonderful).  Also there are a bunch of John Deere shirts which DH has kind of hinted that he would like a T-Shirt quilt made. 

I think I bit off a lot to get accomplished within a couple of days, and I ended up creating another project for myself. I better get hopping I have lots of laundry to get done now. 


  1. A have a plan :) All the rest will slide into place. I am just getting back from vaca and trying to catch up.

  2. It takes a lot of work and organizing and reorganizing to get things right, doesn't it? Seems odd to not have a shower upstairs. Hmmmm. Good luck with your endeavors! It will be great when it's done, I am sure!

  3. i find it's hard to stick to a plan, a pattern, a list....must be aging ya think?? I do have to get to a "clean out" soon, too....hugs, Julierose

  4. Every time I do a reorganize project it always snowballs into something bigger. The good thing is that it does all work out. Traipsing up and down stairs burns a lot of calories, but I'm sure it does get annoying. Good luck!


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