Saturday, October 31, 2015

October is a Wrap?!?!

Is it just me or did it seam like this month flew by?  How did I do on my goals?

1.  Ripples and Reflections BOM.  I am to the point where I am doing borders, but there are weird angles in it.  I would like to get all the borders on, and put it in the waiting to be quilted pile.

 I got one border put on, and another set cut and ready to sew.

2.  My Quilt Place BOM.  I have been stuck on a block. It is more mental than anything else.  I would like to finish all of the blocks for this month.  I have 5 more connector blocks, and 9 more blocks.  I have special plans for the border on this quilt.

I finished the block.  Called Split Drunkard's Path.
I also finished this one called Grandmother's Star.  I also finished making my connector blocks which I needed 5. 
You can see my connector blocks here. 

3.  Farmer's Wife I would love to finish putting this together with the cornerstone, and sashing.
I haven't touched this one.  I need to get back to work on this one.

4.   Embroidery on the Barns.  I have one partially done. 
I have made a little progress. 

5.  I am also working on a Dresden turkey table runner.  All I have so far are some squares and a couple of dresden wedges.  Nothing to really show.
The top is done, and now just needs to be quilted and bound.

6.  I would love to work on the red and white drunkard's path. 

 The machine was moved and I have been cutting parts, and sewing them in small groups.
7.  I have some Christmas presents to start. Haven't done a thing, but sometimes the ideas are the hardest part. 

8.  I have a lot of quilting to do.  I just need the time, and decent light.  :D
I started and then had to remove the quilting because it was actually puckering.
My other small ongoing projects.

3 inch squares to make yoyos if the fabric is red, white, blue, or red/white and blue. 
 I actually sewed together some to get an idea of how big my blocks would be.
I really need to finish working this out in EQ7 so I know how many I am going to need.  

1/2 inch hexies.  These will be like a postage stamp quilt.  No pattern, just using up scraps. 
This little box there are 100 hexies so far.  I cut them from scraps while I am cleaning up my scraps boxes and bins.

I also finished up my guild block for the month for the bag ladies group.

This is the last month so I should be getting my bag next meeting.  Can't wait to see mine. 

I also made 3 of these kite table toppers. 
It will be after Halloween, but they will be finished and gifted to family.  I had to figure out a backing, and I could not find a big enough piece of batting so I was piecing batting.  But I finally decided forget it and went and bought a full size batting at JAF to use just for small projects. 

Finally these 3 block are from the Row by Row from a shop called Bits & Pieces in Wayne, Michigan.  I have one more to make, then all of the sewing.  I am getting so I enjoy the applique'.  Even the sewing part. 

I also managed to read 12 books this month.  Reading or listening to a book is a sure way to get Finn to take a morning, and afternoon nap.  

Other October goings on?  The sale, we split, and stacked nearly 8 cords of wood, and have some prepped nearby in case we run out, and stacked behind the wood building.  I cleaned out my closet and separated clothes into two piles.  Those to donate, and those to dispose of...which ended up DH pulled out a bunch he wants a t-shirt quilt and I want to strip the other t-shirts down and make a rag rug.  We also canned 7 quarts of spearmint pears, and 7 pints too.  Finally we cleaned up the laundry room, and moved a dresser downstairs to hold clothing so it ie easier to get dressed in the morning, without disturbing anyone.   

Did it seam like October flew by in a flash to you also?


  1. So many things going on and yet you managed to finish a lot. Way to go, girl!

  2. I hope you are able to accomplish your goals this month!. You have so many beautiful quilts in the works! That split drunkards path was a new block for me, I like it. I love those summery row by row blocks!

  3. You get so much done to be keeping kids to

  4. Time is going faster! It's getting closer to Christmas and it always feels like that. Love those blocks for the row by row quilt.

  5. Don't we still have a couple more weeks on Oct????? Oh My!


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