Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Goals

November is going to be a strange month.  The daughter is no longer working for the company that does lawn service, she is going back to house cleaning which means I will only work a couple of days a week at the most. That is if it isn't raining.

I think November should be a quilting month. I have a lot of them to get done.

1.  I have 6 charity quilts that need to be quilted. 

This is just two of them.

2.  Farmer's Wife cornerstones and sashing.

3.  Turkey Table Runner Quilted and Bound.  See more quilting to do here too!
4. BOM from online Quilt group.

5.  I would like to get the next border on my Ripples and Reflections quilt. 
I am not too sure how much I will pick up, but maybe finishing up somethings will be good.


  1. lots of fun projects to keep you busy in Nov.
    some of mine have been temporarily pushed to the back burner......for now anyway. love your turkey runner and the BOM and ripples quilts. pretty pretty

  2. Looks like some good goals :) you can do it!! All that free time, no problem!! The weather is going to be a "problem" for me - distractions of things that need to be done outside since it's going to be so unseasonably warm!!

  3. Extra time is a good thing and I'm sure you'll accomplish a ton of your goals with that time. Looks like you've got some great things to finish!

  4. I want to finish my quilt all of the Christmas presents and make at least one more aunt a quilt by year's end

  5. Some days off this month should help you accomplish your goals!

  6. Wow! Only having to work for a couple of days a week will give you heaps more time to finish all those projects! Yay!


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