Saturday, November 7, 2015

An Aimless Friday

I didn't have to watch the kiddos on Friday, which meant I had the day to myself.  Woohoo!  Now I have been trying to stay focused on cleaning up my scraps, finishing some quilts, and quilting, but after a while sticking to a routine is just a wee bit humdrum.

I wanted to do something, I just didn't know what.  I know I want to do the Bonnie Hunter Mystery QAL called Allietaire!  Doesn't that just roll off the tongue?  I am going to pull mainly from my stash.  GASP!  But I need a constant and I wanted it to be the gray. 

Now most morning I do a quick peruse of my e-mail and out the door I go, so imagine my curiosity when I saw Missouri Star's Tutorial for a Ribbon Star Quilt in my e-mail.  Of course I had to site and watch the video and thought, hey I have a few cool Bali pops that would look great in that pattern, but I need some white.  So off to the LQS I went to find a gray and a white.  Sadly no gray popped out at me except in a charm pack and I need 2 yards.  I will probably be ordering the gray online soon.  But I found this super cute white.

I just loved the little dots made of dots!  Well of course then  when I got home I needed to follow the tutorial to make a block at least--as a test. Isn't she pretty!  I did limit myself to the one though and headed off, back to some of the older projects which have been languishing way too long.

I had worked on my borders for the Ripples and Reflections quilt Tuesday. 
Yep these 8 strips were an all day project with all the HST on the bias, and the color order which is all the fun I could handle, and that was even with everything precut!  I read the instruction for the final border, and again a bunch of bias angles.  I decided I was not up to working on that.  Hmmm what else could I do?

Get my Turkey table runner all pinned and ready to quilt!  I also worked a bit on the quilt on the frame, and did a quick SID for one kite project.

Trimmed up the other two and got one turned and ready to quilt, and decided the third needed a bit of help, so jack the ripper and I took that one apart and ready for a redo on Saturday. 

As the day drew on, I knew that DH was going to be late, so I decided to play a bit with another Row by Row kit. I actually did not get to go to this shop in Cody, Wyoming.  The night we were there, there was a rodeo in town and not a hotel, motel, outhouse, or doghouse to be found within a 100 mile radius.  I ordered this one from the shop when it was available to mail, the first part of November. 

It uses these sweet vintage postcard images and blocks.  Unfortunately they did not have a large image of their row.  You can see it at the shop Friends & Co.  I did a wee bit of cutting so I can possibly sew a bit on it Saturday.

DH finally made an appearance, he  helped one of the younger men that work with him, fabricate a new bumper for his truck and install it.  I think the young man was thrilled.  I was a wee bit thrilled too. DH found this going into the garbage pit.

It was on a weather vane, all broken and smashed.  One of the legs had been ripped off.  Isn't my DH so handy?  He welded the leg, painted it with primer and brought it home for me.  I can paint it all colorful, or just one color.  Isn't it cool though!

I kind of like having aimless days. 


  1. Aimless??? Maybe--but you got a whole lotta thinkin', plannin' AND sewin' done. Sometimes I think if you just kind of go with the flow you can do so much more than following a rigid schedule--(says the old retiree!! lol). Love how your projects are coming along. Now that RSC is really over (except putting the blocks together) I want to try (notice I say TRY) BH's Mystery. I've gotten the color cards...but will I be able to do all those pieces with ANGLES--I am so angle-challenged it isn't even funny!! I wish i had a quilting bud close by to cheer me on.... So, here was my "aimless" comment hahaha lol hugs, Julierose

  2. love your ribbon star..... and that turkey is sooooooo fun. love him!
    I was cutting kites too for Christmas gifts. and ooooo what a great find that chicken weathervein part is... I can so see that all painted up purty.

  3. I saw that and said as soon as I can I want to make that quilt to. Love Jenny's videos

  4. Sounds like a fun day! I did not realize the borders on your Reflectios quilt was so complicated. They will be beautiful though. Love your weather vane. Great find!

  5. I think we all need aimless days like this. You managed to complete some beautiful blocks and getting that cute rooster weather vane is a bonus to your day!

  6. I believe I have seen that ribbon star block before, love your version :)

  7. I love the Rooster. Have fun with all your projects.


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