Sunday, November 15, 2015

Something Old is New

Thursday was quilt guild.  We had a really cool presentation on feedsacks.  I also got my bag lady blocks back. 

Mine is the middle star, and the other eight are from the ladies who participated in the group. I had enough fabric left over that I am going to make 4 more blocks similar to the one I made.  These are only 9 inch blocks so I may be able to make a small lap quilt, because I still have some fabric left. 

Since I had finished the Ripples and Reflections quilt to the flimsy stage -- I could start working on something new, or maybe I should grab up an old UFO?  My choice?  I grabbed a BOM which I had participated in purchased years ago, but had never started.  Is that a UFO? 

The pattern is from a book called Pumpkin Patch Threads by Need'l Love, and the quilt is called Pumpkin Patch. 

All of the months except for month one, which I was working on.  The quilt in the book was made with wool felt on homespuns.  The shop where I purchased the BOM had two options, a wool, and homespun.  I chose the homespun.  There were no instructions with the monthly packet, just a label for which month was enclosed. 

These are the directions for the whole quilt.  The only real instructions are do the applique' with your preferred method.  I have only slightly dabbled in applique'.  Being that the fabrics are a lot of homespuns, I decided that I am going to do raw edge applique, because I think that attempting needle turn would be a nightmare for my first attempt, especially with all of the inside and outside curves.  Since I knew that I couldn't find my Steam a Seam, I decided to make a foray to JAF.  Love it when you have a 50% off coupon, so I figured that I could get away with 5 yards of Heat and Bond Lite. After today I am thinking I probably severely underestimated the amount which I am going to need.

I watched a couple of videos about raw edge fusible applique', reread the instructions and finally decided to just jump in, and start drawing the motifs on the Heat & Bond Lite.  

I did realize that I did not like working with a huge sheet of Heat & Bond, so I decided to use 12 inch lengths.  I also decided that I would do regular images, and also reverse  images, and I prepped enough of the motifs per the instructions, so that I have enough  for two rows all drawn out. 

I partially finished the charity quilt on the frame.  I am just going to say that I am really unhappy with the results, and it was a fight the whole time.  You can't tell, but the sides stretched all over the place. 
I still have some blocks where I will be putting a large star, then to bury the threads, and put on a binding.  I will do that using a different machine.  One charity quilt down, 5 more to go. 

I am looking forward to starting something new, and learning something new also.


  1. The blue and yellow blocks will make a very pretty lap quilt. Love your new/old project. I hope you will enjoy the applique!

  2. Making so many charity quilts is quite a lofty goal, but you will pull it off I'm sure. You are my super sewing hero! I can't wait to see your appliqued quilt. I love to applique, but not turned under type ones.

  3. Hmmm, I think I have that book :) Somewhere... You are making great progress, look forward to seeing your applique. I have a homespun applique project I may start next month if I can shoehorn it in among everything else!

  4. Love that quilt you want to start, I am already planning my next quilt to

  5. Gosh, that quilt looks as if it will be beautiful - pumpkin patch. Love it's colours.

  6. Sashing on your bag lady blocks will also make the quilt top bigger.


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