Sunday, November 22, 2015

Three Days and Counting

Thanksgiving, and the holiday season are on its way whether I am ready or not.  I just can't seem to get much accomplished.  I did do a deep clean in the bathroom, and we managed to get all the laundry finished, and a lot of the house picked up.  We even took all of the clothes to the donation box today!

I decided that I needed to get my quilting done before I put my things up.  Of course when you have a task to do it is when things just don't go as planned.

I had some stars to finish on the charity quilt, and decided it would be easier on a domestic machine with a walking foot.  I was also using the same color thread to quilt my turkey table runner.

I did this on the squares, there are a few which are kind of crazy, but most overall are ok.  I then started to stipple behind the turkey and broke my thread.  When I looked at the spool this is what I had left.  Definitely not enough to finish the stars, and stippling behind the turkeys.

 The spool was old, so I had to go and find the color so that I could purchase another spool to finish my quilting.  Thank goodness for the internet.  The color is called Hemp.

So as you can see I made even more of a mess than I had earlier.  At least the quilt frame is empty.
I worked on the Pumpkins quilt.  The acorns, acorn tops and leaves are for row one.

I am working on the hand sewing of this row.  I also started the next row, getting these parts traced  so I can transfer to the Heat & Bond. 

I made 4 more stars for my brown bagger quilt.  Now to figure out how I want to lay it out.  I thought about using these 4 stars at the corners.  I also need to determine sashing.  I am kind of at stop until something pops into my wee brain. 
I also finished one more ribbon star.  I have an empty project box so at least all of the strips and start are put aside so I can lay hands on them easily when I am have time to work on them.

Is it just me or does it seem like time is speeding by?


  1. time is speeding by too too fast. no time for anything and yes when I try to do it all something always throws a wrench in it. for example, hubs went and got some filters for the registers and furnace. are they the right size? nope. I tried to take them back but forgot HE used HIS credit card.......ggggggrrrrrrr so here they sit in my hallway.......of no use to me. just cause I NEEDED something else to do this crazy time of year. love all your projects. you are further along on your turkey than I am. I dont think mine will see the table this year. unless I stay up all night the next three nights....ggggggrrrrrrrr

  2. Happy THanksgiving!!! My sewing has been minimal this month but my heart full as we've had some wonderful family visit!

  3. THANKSGIVING???? I haven't even thought ahead that far, yet. Oh well. It's only 3 of us, and, no one is very fussy, thank goodness.

  4. Hang on to your hat--the holidays are blowing in for sure!! I got most of the food shopping done today despite my bad back--DH and I tried a short walk-but..noooooo, I had to turn around. So, my house STILL needs cleaning, pick up etc. At least Mr. Turkey is defrosting nicely in my back fridge. I plan to make a butternut squash casserole on Wed and just re-heat it on Thurs, as well as peeling all potatoes ahead of time and soaking in the fridge too. My Daughter and DIL are bringing stuff too, so that should you like holidays??? i am
    very iffy about them....hugs, Julierose

  5. Happy thanksgiving, I hope to make it to Sat! Going to stop sewing and start cleaning.

  6. Yep, time is definitely speeding up! Once you have had Thanksgiving - Christmas will be just around the corner!

  7. Happy Thanksgivng! You have some great projects here! Enjoy the holidays!


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