Monday, November 2, 2015

Late to the Party Once More

Do you have a lot of blogs that you read?  My list on Bloglovin is huge, unfortunately I do not read them every day- even though I would love to be able to, in fact there are only a very small handful that I do read daily.  If there is a blog hop I will read the group for the day or week, but there are many that I get way behind.  I will start reading some evenings and get caught up on one blog, but still many blogs behind. 

I try to keep my scraps in some semblance of order but a couple of months ago one of my scrap boxes exploded.

The area started to look like this during an attempt to locate a lost unit.  You can read about it here if you need a refresher. Believe it or not it, the area is looking moderately better. 

I started taking the red, white, and blue or any variation of such and making yoyos from the 3 inch pieces.
And teeny tiny hexies.

 Others I had started to cut up 2 1/2 inch tumbler blocks.

 I figured you could only do so much with 2 1/2 inch squares right? 

Anyway I started to play catch up reading Bonnie Hunter's Blog....I hadn't read since the beginning of May.  While I was reading I found this post. I guess it is better to be late to the party than never to attend?  Quiltvillians (is that a word) are doing tumblers as their leader and ender project for the year.  I was at the party and I didn't even know it! 

I have approximately 400 of these cut so far.  I sat down and separated them into neutral, dark, and medium piles so that I could start sewing using them as leaders and enders.  I still have a bunch more to cut, but it is nice having them ready to sew.


  1. those tumblers will be great as leaders and enders. I used to read many more blogs than I do now. I want to visit some here and there and see what is going on in blogland and then get to work on my sewing. it is kind of like pinterest. you can sit there all day and get nothing done!

  2. Tumblers are really cute--I have 2 templates, one really tiny--but haven't cut any yet. Still working on catching up....i read a lot of blogs, but not everyday--impossible to keep up with that....hugs, Julierose

  3. I'm signed up on Bloglovin, but, I prefer just reading blogs from my dashboard. I am usually behind.

  4. I love the inspiration from blogposts but it is hard to keep up when you follow very many, and so many projects to start! Glad you found out you were in party-mode :) I'm sure you will be the life of it now!

  5. Can you use a Dresden ruler to cut them out, I looked at no Ann's and they didn't have one. Ordered some white from Missouri star 9 days ago and it hasn't shipped yet

  6. Following too many blogs for real - then my computer broke down and I lost them. Actually it was kinda a relief. So now although I have rebuilt the list, it is so much smaller!

  7. Our scraps can sure get unruly sometimes! lol I have had to cut down on my blog list, it can get a little overwhelming trying to keep up. I am loving my little tumblers!

  8. I've given up trying to keep up with all the blogs I follow, but I do scan through them on Bloglovin just to see what they are making. I've made several tumbler quilts...easy and fast with my Accuquilt cutter.

  9. I have my settings on Blogloving to email me when someone posts on their blog, so I read most from my email. Makes it easier to keep up.

    Have fun with your leader and ender project!


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