Thursday, November 12, 2015

Powering Through a Blustery Day

Monday I had a dentist appointment so I didn't watch the kiddos.  Note to self appointments set for the middle of the day kind of just mess life up!

 The row by row, had one part left which was to put this silhouette onto the quilt.  Of course I couldn't find the Steam A Seam I know that I have.  So I used the good old butcher paper method.  Let's just say that it took me forever to cut it out. 

Here is the row.  I think I did alright.  I am amassing quite a pile of applique things which need to be sewn.

Recently I saw a blog that talked about making a rag rug.  So of course I had to run off and find the book, because I had oodles of old t-shirts.  The book I found was originally written in the early 90's.  Of course DH being as handy as he is made me the necessary frame.

I needed to figure out what I was going to use for the warp (the strips which go from the top to the bottom).  Dh suggestion you have a bunch of pillowcases which do not have a matching sheets anymore, why don't you use them instead of getting rid of them?  I started to take apart the pillowcases.  Are you aware of how many seams are in a pillowcase?  Especially this pair?  2 sets of stitching per side, plus the over edge? 
Yep took me all evening long.  But I have them apart, probably going to have to starch the bejeebers out of them before I cut them up and start to prep them.  That was my whole Monday! 

Thursday we were getting hit by a pretty wicked wind storm, which meant I didn't need to watch the kids.  I had a plan.  I worked on quilting and finished about 1/2 of a charity quilt.  There are a lot of HST which I think they put together with the bias facing out and it just is not playing well.  After fighting the "stretch" I decided to call it a day and move on to something else. 

I finished up another ribbon star and attacked the final borders for the Ripples and Reflections Quilt.  I decided that I was going to power through the final cutting with the bias angles.
Tada!  This one is off my list, still needs to be quilted, and it will be a bear.  There are a lot of bias edges in this quilt.  This is one of them that you hope that it will "quilt" out.  We shall see. 

I have also been busy cutting out tumblers for my leaders and enders.

I am amassing quite the pile of twosies.  Probably close to enough for about 3 rows so far.

 It has been nice having some time to get things done, even though they are not my favorite things to do. 


  1. Love that cowboy :) Please show us some process shots of your rug, I am curious how one goes about that! I was without power all day yesterday due to that wind...tree decided to take out a line, I'm guessing...hopefully the weather will be better today!

  2. I have the same silhouette to make a quilt for a friend of mine from Wyoming. I bet that was hard to cut out without the SAS-2!

  3. Oh Rodeo Gal--love that bucking did a great job cutting it out!! I hate when i can't find something i KNOW I have--and no matter how much I re-clean and re-organize this STILL happens to me a lot!! Very windy here today...went out and got Mr. Turkey Lurkey for T-day dinner here...they are pricey this year...(can you tell my monkey mind is at it again--what was your first clue lol) I am still in a very heavy debate with myself about Allietare--the monkies are all for it of course, but my calmer self says, not another project....and all those angles , I presume....I will take a breath now and go make a cup of calming tea.....hugs, Julierose {sigh}

  4. Your silhouette is perfect. So many finishes. I wanna be like Colette when I grow up!!

  5. It's still blowing/gusting here. I'm tired of hearing the wind. I have lots of old sheets that need to go away (elastic is shot) that you could use for that.

  6. Love it all, that ribbon star is on my to do list . That cowboy was hard with all those little cuts on it. You have got a lot done

  7. That cowboy looks amazing! I've only seen a couple rag rugs, so I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. Try not to blow away!

  8. That cowboy looks like it was tricky to cut out! So intricate! Love your Ripples and Relections top too. You are definitely not afraid of a challenge! I will enjoy watching the process of making the rag rug, sounds interesting.

  9. all of your projects are awesome. cant wait to see your tumblers grow. love that ribbon block too. you go girl!

  10. Love the cowboy silhouette and the Reflections quilt is looking so good.


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