Sunday, November 29, 2015

Surviving the Holiday

I survived the holiday!

Dinner went well.  I was on my best behavior.  "wink, wink"

I finished my turkey runner, even the binding (sans eyes- I didn't have any buttons that small).  It went on the table for a couple of hours and came off before everyone sat down for dinner.

Girl turkey

Boy turkey
Friday I watched the minions so not a whole lot of sewing was done. Friday evening though I got my sewing space back in the great room.  DH even helped.

Saturday I started on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery QAL called Allietare!  The first step is 294 HST.  I started cutting, sewing and trimming.  I have about 30 done so far, those that are all squared up, and about another 90 which are cut, or cut and sewn.  I have a lot more to do. 

The dark gray is my constant. 

What I really wanted to do though was make a few reindeer.
How he got turned I have no clue.  I cut out a bunch of these, this is my first one, which I will call a rough draft.  The next group I will assembly line.  I think it is very cute though.  It took me a while to walk through the pattern so that I understood it completely. 

I never did find any small buttons for the turkey table runner, so I decided to just use these iridescent beads.
I think it looks mighty cute. 

Oh I did a tiny bit of shopping for Christmas, but I refuse to go to the stores on Black Friday, most of my shopping is online.  Four weeks until the Big Day!


  1. The beads worked well for the eyes. I'm still debating if I'll do the Bonnie Hunter mystery. I really don't have time till January. We'll have family here for 2 full weeks.

  2. Oh I LOVE your turkeys. they are SO SO cute! Mine are coming along. I picked out a holiday mini charm pack to make the back reversible.
    I LOVE your deer too. how fun! I too did retail shopping online LOL
    but mine was of the Missouri Star kind. (hey, Mama needs a gift under the tree right?) LOL

  3. Your turkeys look great :) I am planning to finish the hst for Bonnie today, I have 30 done so far but am thinking of only doing half for a small quilt this go round!

  4. It's good that you behaved yourself on Thanksgiving. I have a hard time doing that, too! LOL Your turkeys are too cute and made a great table runner. I sewed eight more reindeer yesterday in assembly line manner which made it easier. So many little pieces in that reindeer, but worth it.

  5. Lovely turkeys--So festive!! Beads for eyes--perfect and those sequins are so glitzy--Mrs. Turkey-Lurkey went all out for the holiday lol...I am not doing Allietare--too much cutting--but I do love hat reindeer--soooo cute!! hugs, Julierose

  6. Love your turkeys so cute, like them better than mine.

  7. How do you behave? I'm really bad at these family get togethers. I've learned to keep my mouth shut but the thoughts in my head......
    Such a sweet table runner. Love the beads.
    I don't know how you accomplish so much. All those HSTs....ugh. Love your reindeer.

  8. Your turkey runner is adorable! What a lot of HST's! Love, love the reindeer!

  9. I love your turkey table runner! It looks wonderful on the table too. Glad all went well for the holiday and that you have you sewing area back!


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