Saturday, October 17, 2015

Talkin Turkey

I can't believe it has been a over a week since I posted.  Life happens!

I drove the front loader one evening, while DH loaded the bucket full of logs so I could take them over and dump them near the splitter.  Another evening, DH cut down an Elm which had died recently on the other side of the field.  Then one day I had to go pick up DH from his work because Boomer (the Cavalier) that I had been driving all week, broke down on his way to work.  I know it was not kind to say, but all I thought was better him than me. 

How cool to have quilty friends that send you gifties.  Makes all the other stuff seem like nothing.
Kris at Kris Loves Fabric sent me a book on making Kanzashi flowers and the clover template to make one kind.  I love making these, and they are fun to make for the grand daughters.

I also received these super cute fabrics for my turkey table runner from Barbara at Wont-To-Be Quilter.  Check out her turkey runner!

I have done a wee bit  sewing here and there.

 The patchwork which goes in the turkey runner was put together this morning.
Here is one turkey.  The feathers, body, and legs have all been sewn down using a blind hem stitch.  I still have the body, beak, and collar to sew down.  Then I have turkey number 2 to sew.  I decided that I wanted to make mine look more like pilgrims, so I changed up the collar, and will add a pilgrim's hat for a male, and female.

The other sewing I did was for my daughter.  She signed the boys up for scouts.  Her sewing machine is broken, and she tried to iron them on, but as we all know, anything iron on just does not always work out for the best.

I had two of these to sew!  I don't mind helping her out.

I know that we have not celebrated Halloween yet, but I am planning for Thanksgiving.  It will be fun to have my runner on the table. 


  1. love your turkey runner. I need to get back to mine soon I hope. been nutty here. grandkids coming today so making a birthday cake for one of the little ones. you have done a lot on yours.

  2. Nothing like the kindness of quilters. Darling Dresden turkey. Great idea.

  3. Nothing like the kindness of quilters. Darling Dresden turkey. Great idea.

  4. Oh just loving your Mr. Turkey--so cute!! Mine is still in my head---I do want to make one though.. Need to find some Fall-fabrics for feathers----still cannot bend over too long with my back and my stash for those colors (naturally!!) is on the BOTTOM sewing today--just icing and ex' hubby out splitting wood from our last year's windstorm downed cherry tree--man, is that ever HARD wood!! I should walk, but feeling lazy after early dinner. hugs, Julierose

  5. Cute turkey. I remember the days of stitching patches on Scout shirts.

  6. Love your turkey Collette, he is beautiful

  7. What a great turkey! Wonderful choice of fabrics!

  8. I love Dresden turkeys and yours looks fabulous! What a woman to be driving a front loader!

  9. How cute....your pictures made me want to make some turkeys !


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