Monday, October 26, 2015

Sewing Time

I haven't sewn much but I have done a wee bit.

Last block for the bag ladies group from my quilt guild.  I can't wait to see what I get back.  I actually ordered some more of the fabric which was in my bag so I have a tiny idea of what I am going to make.

Here is a wee bit of my yoyo quilt that I am making.  I have been working on the layout in EQ7.  I am slow though so I don't know how many of each color I am going to need yet.
I saw a table runner where they had empty spaces.  I started playing I think I have a rough idea, but it ended up being larger than I wanted, with not enough edge.  Obviously my quilt math needs some help. 

I finished sewing my turkeys.  I decided I wanted mine to be pilgrims.  
DH says my female turkey looks like Martha Washington.  The coif does kind of make her look funny. I can't decide.  Eyes, or no eyes?  I am thinking about just using some buttons.  I had some time to get the runner put together except for borders.
I think it turned out pretty cute.

We also made spearmint pears this week.
This is DH favorite way.  A light simple syrup, spearmint flavoring, and some green food coloring.  One half bushel of pears makes 7 quarts, and 7 pints.  After a weekend of stacking wood, and then peeling and coring pears my hands are shot for a few days. 

Using my evening to the best possible advantage I got the borders for the turkey runner cut, and sewn together.  I also got brave and started cutting and sewing the borders for my Ripples and Reflections quilt.

I am slowly getting there. 


  1. love your turkey
    you have been a busy girl those pears look delish

  2. Oh just love your Mama Turkey (or is it Turkette??? lolol)
    the Pilgrim idea is so great! I just got my pattern in the mail and am going to begin pulling fabrics as soon as Mr. Scareypants (aka
    "Boo To You") is done...I am geting that old feeling that I'm working on too many things at one time again--geeze, i wonder why???? My wall
    looks very ADHD!! ;--000 hugs, Julierose

  3. I like Martha, she looks very distinguished...needs those button eyes though! You intrigue me with spearmint pears...we never have enough pears for experimentation - I make a pear butter with cinnamon that gets gobbled up every year.

  4. Making the turkeys pilgrims is so cute! I like them without eyes, but buttons would look good, too. I've never heard of spearmint pears. You and Kris are so domestic with all the canning you do. I used to do that kind of thing in the olden days, but not anymore. :O)

  5. I agree with your DH`s thoughts on Martha Turkey,lol. So funny, but he has a point!

  6. I love your turkeys. I have never heard of spearmint pears before.


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