Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keep Them Separated.

Some people have scrap systems.  I never really paid attention completely to what they do,  but for some reason I always keep my batik fabrics separated from my cottons. Not that I won't stoop to mixing cottons and batiks when I am sewing.

 Who's afraid of the Quilt Police?  Not me!

I was teasing the daughter's SO the other day because his sweatshirt pocket was hanging by a few threads.  I was reminded that her sewing machine spool pin was broken, and she had tried other things but it just wouldn't work.  The shop where you can get the part for the machine isn't far, but they are only open Monday through Friday and close by 5 pm.  So The Finn and I had a reason to have an outing, since his mom doesn't have the opportunity that often. 

We got the part for the machine, but there was a wee bit of fabric there and of course we had to make some purchases!

Some new scissors, and this cool pattern.  I had purchased some fabric several months ago, but had not purchased the pattern.  I dug the fabric out, now to read the pattern and figure it all out. 

Also some fun fabric.  Nightmare Before Christmas is the favorite movie of several members of the family.  While it may not be there by Halloween, they will have it to use next year.

Late Tuesday night it started raining, so there was no work for me on Wednesday.  So many things to do, and so little time.  :D  I wasn't too sure where to start.

I used the new fabric and made three of these. 

I tried to fussy cut the image with my kite ruler.  I think they will be loved.  Once I finish them. 
I got the borders cut and sewn for the Ripples and Reflections quilt.  Of course I had one that I cut incorrectly.  Each border is made up of 4 parts which are cut at 45 degree angles.   I then worked at getting the parts for the next border cut out. 
I still have a bunch of subcutting to do, but the main parts are cut out. Now to read the directions and get ready to sew.

I have still been working on cutting up scraps.  I have this little baggie with 1 inch hexies.
I have been working on sewing them when I do hand work while watching the kids.

I also have a little over 200 tumblers cut.  I am not quite 10% of the way with enough enough tumblers.  I think I need to work on getting some neutral/lights cut too. 

Do you mix batiks and cottons when you sew?  Do you have a scrap system.  Do you blend them or separate. 


  1. I keep all my batiks separate, too; I've washed them all once--but I do sometimes mix them in with regular cottons--(I must be on that "Wanted" list, too hahaha). BUT--they are harder to hand sew for sure....If I made another quilt with batiks i would definitely machine quilt it...
    your new fabrics are great!! hugs, Julierose

  2. I dont have many batiks in my stash so they go in with the rest. I am a rebel. LOL I am trying to make a system where I have yardage, fat quarters and anything smaller gets cut up either into strips or parts like squares or tumblers. and they think a womans job is easy ha ha

  3. Took a class from Edyta Sitar a few years ago where she taught me that batiks and repros look beautiful's one of my favorite quilts I use everyday. Washes up beautifully. Look forward to seeing how that new pattern works for you, haven't seen that one :)

  4. I've discovered that I am NOT a scrappy quilter. I love the look of scrappy quilts, but, I prefer to work with yardage. This is going to be a problem, since I'm signed up for a Bonnie Hunter class next May at my guild. I've already re-designed the quilt (didn't want to make such tiny blocks), and now, I'll have to make it scrappy. As for batiks and cottons, I've had both in the same quilt, several times. I love the look.

  5. I always keep my batiks separate, but I like the look of them combined with other fabrics. I'm loving that Nightmare Before Christmas fabric...creepy and cool!

  6. Love those borders. Scraps.... hmmm..... they all live together and fight occasionally!

  7. I save by size, every thing that size in that baggie

  8. Your Ripples and Reflections quilt is just beautiful! Yes, I keep my batiks separate from my regular cotton fabric, also my Civil War Reproductions. I do not normally mix the two, though I am with my Tumblers and I did with my Lozenge top.

  9. I mix stuff all the time, even though I subconsciously separate the batiks in my stash. I don't cut stuff ahead of time, but I do have a place for 2 1/2 inch strips and blocks, and five inch blocks.


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