Monday, January 6, 2020

Holidays and Sewing

I hope everyone had a nice holiday.  I am finally getting into a groove with work, and home life.  I keep wondering how did I ever work before.  But then I remembered that I didn't have a menagerie of animals to care for and my home was much, much, smaller, and I am older and working a much more physical job.

First I would like to thank my friends for thinking of me during the holidays.

Barbara at Wont-to-be Quilter sent me some awesome fat quarters.

Dawn at Relaxing Robin sent me a goody box filled with all sorts of fun things.

Nancy of Pug Mom Quilts sent me a cute chicken ornament.
And some yummy dog treats for Bobbin.  Thank you my favorite Pug Parents Mike, Nancy, and the pug boys!  These are awesome and yummy!
A few days before Christmas I took my girlfriend out to a late lunch/early dinner for her birthday.  I received these awesome jars from her as a gift.

At the Tuesday sewing we had a exchange.  I got a neat chicken pincushion and notebook.

Bible study was held at one of the member's home and she provided a tin to fill with home made goodies.

Another girlfriend gave me a small wool pressing mat.

 One of Jeff's friends sent me a handful of pictures of Jeff from before the barn was built.

I got a chuckle out of them for several reasons.

1.  He was so young, the barn was built about 20 years ago so he was in his mid 30's
2.  He was thin
3.  Even though he was thin he had a big butt.

Made me really giggle because when Samantha was pregnant with Finn, he used to tease her that her butt needed its own zip code.  They would bicker back and forth because he had a big bootie too. 

At guild we had an exchange and I received 2 plastic ziploc type bags, and a charm pack of white fabrics.  I have a project that just needed this fabric.

I also won a poinsettia.

LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color sent me a super cute mug rug
And some dog treats for Bobbin.  It was so funny when the package arrived, Bobbin kept sniffing it and moving it around until I opened it. 

 Bobbin already partook of one before I could take a picture.  Thank you Auntie LeeAnna.

As usual one of the LQS had a 12 days of Christmas and I stocked up.

 A new iron, some books with patterns that went with them, rotary blades, a new pair of fabric shears, some 505 spray baste, some applique glues,
 an iron rest, a travel pin bowl, a book and ruler,
and some project bins.

Christmas with the family.  The Perfection Game was a favorite.

Also some flying monkeys.

When they hit the ground the screech.

I also have acquired some items from other stores during Christmas sales.

Isn't this a fun book?  It has ideas for quilting different blocks.

A fun batik fabric.  I love the green.

I acquired a couple of Christmas quilt books.

Since red is one of my favorite colors I bought this book.

I also bought a fun pattern for some reason I have a fascination with maple leaf quilts.  

I bought a pattern and combination cotton/wool kit at the LQS as well as a 2 1/2 x 12 inch ruler, and some grunge fat quarters.  

I have been doing some sewing also.  I made a Sew Together Bag, using a pattern, and the Youtube tutorials.

I think it turned out kind of nice.

I got step 3 of the Seeing Stars Sew Along blocks done.  I am still behind one month.

I worked on a baby quilt I had started a couple of years ago.

I am not pleased with the layout.  I think I need to sort through the blocks by color and try again.

One of the older ladies at Bible study put out a question on Facebook about a buckwheat bag.  I told her she could do rice or corn.  She messaged me and told me that she needed something for her eye.  I offered to make her a couple of corn bags.  The corn bags are about 2 1/2 inches square and I used some wrap and zap batting to make them softer and some flannel scraps I had on hand.  Hope they help her eye. 

I decided to join the Quiet Play Pattern Club for 2020.  I can work on my paper piecing, since I kind of enjoy it.  I decided I wanted to make the blocks using different colors of Moda Grunge.  This is just some of the colors that I have purchased recently.

We received a bonus block in December during sign up.

I also received a neat pin for joining.

I am looking forward to 2020 and getting into a routine. Then I can sew and use my time better, but right now it is hit or miss.


  1. Great gifts
    Great post.great projects. Cant wait to see inspire me with projects i have not seen before

  2. Beautiful and bountiful gifts....looks like you have great projects ahead...hugs, Julierose

  3. Working again does put a money wrench into your routine. I hope you are enjoying your job! Looks like you had a nice Christmas. I am so glad you got some sweet pictures of Jeff. I know you miss him...

  4. All that and work, too? Your LQS must love you! You sure scored some nice goodies!

  5. Wow, you made out like a bandit for Christmas. You have a lot of nice friends. I put that free motion quilting book on my wish list. It looks really good. It looks like you have enough projects to keep yourself busy for the rest of the winter.

  6. What a Christmas!!! The bag is cute. Enjoy all of your goodies.


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