Friday, January 31, 2020

Making Lists

Do you make lists?  I make a grocery list, and I stick to it--pretty much.  I have learned to make it on my phone....doesn't get lost or left at home when I go to the grocery store. I mentally list chores that need to get done.  I have visual reminders.  A plastic bag by the door for kitty litter for the barn kittens, or plastic bag on the stairs for Lucy' litter box.

I have tried to list my UFO quilts but what exactly does qualify as a UFO?  Is it a quilt that you have bought the fabric and pattern, does a kit qualify?  Is it a quilt that you have cut?  Is it a quilt that you have started to sew blocks?  If it is all of the above I am in deep doodoo!

1.  Winter in Washington has a ton of applique snowflakes that I had been drawing and preparing to cut.
2.  My epic chicken quilt that I have a huge basket of chicken fabric
3.  Pineapple quilt which was a kit.  I think I stalled out on this one because I followed the instructions about cutting the fabric.  At the end it said to keep two 2 1/2 inch squares to finish the last corners.  What?  I had already cut all of my strips.
4. BOM that I was doing on My Quilt Place way back in 2013, 2014? I can't even remember how many blocks I have made.  A lot!  I also have a plan for the border. 
5.  Swoon---other projects came along. 
6. Yellow Brick Road....this one needs a border, then quilting.
7.  Bag Lady BOM from 2016.  I am not even too sure what to do with this one. 
8.  Ginger Rose that needs quilting.  I started quilting it long ago and stalled out due to moving things around for the great aunt and uncle.
9.  Jewel box that stalled out because I wasn't quite sure what to do for a border.  I have an idea finally after all these years.

These are just a few of my projects that stalled out.  I haven't touched these in at least a year or more.

What I have been working on lately.  That is in the past 6 months and there are many that are missing from this list. 

 Tiny tree need a binding.  I just can't decide on a green.  Maybe I should just use the background fabric?
 Spools which is a sew along with the girls from Tuesday sewing.  This will be on and off all year long.
 Charity quilt that I have been working on.  I actually pulled it all of the design wall and resorted the blocks.  I need a day just to lay it out once more.
 Seeing Stars Sew Along I think I stalled on step 4. 
Reflected Harmony BOM.  1 month down but then the Jason Yenter Christmas quilt kicked my behind.
Jason Yenter Christmas Quilt.  OK block look pretty simple correct?  Um yep it took me a couple of weeks to make 5 of these. 
Charity Quilt, this one is quilted at least, but I pick it up occasionally and work on the binding.  Usually at Tuesday sewing.
Halloween Figs just haven't gotten back to this one.
Stars over Bali Skies.  I have the 2nd month packet sitting out, forlornly.
The Bag Lady quilt from the Tuesday sewing group in 2019.  I want to make some chimney blocks and have had a heck of a time sewing them to come out right. I want the signatures of each of the ladies that contributed.
Saw tooth square needs borders.  The borders are even cut out, just need to sew them on.

I really sat and thought about what I wanted to get accomplished this year.

1.  Enter a quilt in the fair in August at least 1.
2.  Have a quilt ready for the  guild show in October
3.  Have 2 quilts for the church quilt auction they are planning in August
4.  Finish 10 charity quilts this year (that includes quilting) for guild.  One of the ladies said if I quilted them she would bind them.  Sound like a win to me.  I have a pile that just need quilting

I will admit I am not too sure which quilts I will finish for objectives 1 and 2.  For the church auction I have a kit that I purchased a while back.  I have actually started cutting it. 

Yep as I cut I laid my strips out on my quilter

The other will be a simple quilt.
It will be like this quilt, which I made and gave to a cousin. I think I have enough fabric from the first one to make this one too. 

I do have a UFO on my quilting machine.  I work on quilting it for 1/2 an hour or so at a time.  

I know barely a row done, but I had a spot where there bobbin thread nested underneath and it was a bear to pick out.

I guess I have some elusive goals to work toward.  Wish me luck!


  1. I am a listmaker. I say your ginger quilt and your sawtooth should go in the quilt shows. I count ufos as something you started. If i bought a kit....nope.not ufo unless i started to make blocks. You have some beauties. Love your jewelbox. The baglady i would do red sash with yellow cornerstones and finish it. If not big enough do an alternate block like irishchain in reds and yellows. Many of mine will be different than they started out as. I may even combine blocks of like colorways.

  2. I am a list maker for sure. Mine make the list if I started making blocks, cut it out or its a it's a flimsy. I have one where the blocks have been started and I can't make myself work on it...And I love the fabric!! I htink it's because I am afraid the blocks won't line up right...Funny what makes a person stall out on a project!

    Your number 7: Can you simply sash it and add a border to make a baby quilt??

  3. So many pretty blocks. Of course, my favorite is the chicken.

  4. The chicken block is just too cute! I like lists. When I was younger, I didn't like them. But now, I appreciate the fact that I can write things down on my "list" - even if it takes me a year or two or more 🙂, I will get there though. I believe you will too. I do wish you lots of luck. You can do it! You've got lots of beautiful projects! 💙🌞🍄🌻

    1. Angie, you are a no reply blogger. Thanks for the sweet comments.

  5. Your list is MUCH shorter than mine. Several years ago, my guild had a challenge, and we were supposed to list all of our UFO's that were 100 inches (border) or larger. I had 3 pages of those. I haven't made a dent in most of them. Too many squirrels and too many 'deadline' projects.

  6. I’m a lister, too, and do the same thing as you...setting out reminders. But I haven’t even tried to list my UFOs! You, young lady, have a lot on the go!

  7. Oh my gosh, look at all the fun stuff you having going on. I am not a list person, but I should start because I say to myself that I am going to do this and that and then the next thing you know, I have forgotten and the project has sat and sat. as always, love your post.

  8. I wish you loads of luck and fun Colette as you work your way through the list... you have plenty to choose from and don't have a lot left to do on some of those, either. I'm trying to do a lot more list making this year as it feels so good to cross things off as I complete them!!


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