Wednesday, January 1, 2020

I Like Thursday #90

Welcome to my 90th I Like Thursday post and welcome to 2020!

I had a huge pile of eggs sitting on the counter to be cartoned.  I grabbed some cartons and this one gave me a smile.

The eggs are called Goldhen.

With my crazy schedule I may wash eggs, but I don't always get them into cartons.  I have been known to stack a pyramid of eggs on my counter that are 3 rows 12 eggs long and go up.  I decided I needed to try something different.  I decided to get an egg skelter.

Something about it reminds me of a carnival ride for eggs.

It can hold up to 24 eggs, but mine are a wee bit big, and so it holds only about 20.

Being on my feet for 8:30 hour a day I am getting my 10,000 steps in easy peasy.  But man my feet and legs hurt.  My oldest daughter has worked in the medical field for almost 16 years and currently works as a dialysis tech.  I was talking to her and she said, Mom....compression socks.  So I bought a couple of different types.  I will say that they do make a difference.  I got a chuckle out of the tag on one set.

Come on you know it makes you smile.

Bobbin has been sporting her sweaters and sweatshirts again.  She recently sported a Christmas Sweater.

It is a wee bit longer, but she seems to like this one the most.  When she has her sweaters on she loves to play outside with the kittens.

Nutmeg (the girl) has such pretty colors.

Spice is the boy he always wants to be by me.  But it is so fun to watch them running and playing with Bobbin.  They can play for over an hour running, jumping, playing hide and seek, and tag. 

I have been reading the Kiki Lowenstein mysteries called Make Take Murder. 

This is the 5th book in the series.  I have really enjoyed the series, and am currently reading the 6th book. 

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  1. Oh love those socks a lot!! Sorry your legs and feet hurt--my hubby has foot and leg woes too so I empathize...
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. Egg skelter, huh? I have not tried something like that but can see it would be handy to know oldest to newest. I need some compression socks for a plane trip-those look cuter than what I've seen :)

  3. what do you do with all the eggs? they are plump and beautiful in that roller coaster ride. Bobbin is a super model, and those wee kittens... so sweet, aren't you tempted to invite them in and let them out to do their jobs? You are a voracious reader, I'm a slow and plodding tortoise of a reader who loves a good cozy mystery but can't read them all fast enough!

  4. The egg roller coaster is really neat! When you said your daughter mentioned the compression socks, I thought, "You know, they make pretty ones of those, right?!" Looks like you found them!

  5. Hi Colette! OH - that egg carton is so cool. How wonderful and unexpected. Those eggs look yummy and the roller coaster - it reminds me of a toy Dominic has that beads travel along. Oh yes to compression socks - and maybe even a brand of shoes called Dansko. Andrea wanted a pair for graduation for nursing. Aww - Bobbin is so darn cute and I would love to watch them playing. For over an hour - that's great exercise for all of them. Then I suppose they take a nice long nap! Oh goodie - another book series to try. We're almost finished with the Fudge series - I had to try a recipe from the books and it might just be the new favorite. Happy New Year my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Love love love that you let your eggs go on a roller coaster ride. Are you sure they are tall enough? Bobbins playmates remind me of Phoebe. Cute cute

  7. I've seen an egg holder like that - pretty cool! I like Nutmeg's colors, too.

  8. Love the socks! Really love that egg holder and seeing Bobbin in that adorable sweater! Stay warm and Happy New Year!

  9. eggs. Mick is making Migas as I type. Love your pup and kitty. Nutmeg is similar to the colors of my kitty Elly. The expression in the first photo is my Elly's favorite.

  10. I need to get one of those egg thingies for my husband. Then...maybe I need some compression socks....always love your post.

  11. I've never seen an egg skelter before. I usually store mine in the frig. It's so nice to hear the kitties play nicely with Bobbin. I know lots of people who wear compression stockings and find them so helpful.

  12. An egg shelter is new to me too. See learn so much blogging. Your large eggs look so wonderful there. Bobbin is nicely decked out esp. for Christmas. I’m sorry to hear your legs have been hurting. Hope the socks work and also get them elevated when you can. I hope 2020 is the most wonderful year for you, Colette.

  13. We just bought farm fresh eggs, and the seller said if you don’t wash them when you store them they stay fresh longer. Do you know anything about that?

  14. I've never heard of an egg skelter, but it looks very interesting. I love the name of the eggs!


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