Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I Like Thursday #94

Welcome to my I Like Thursday post #94. Thank you LeeAnna for encouraging us to find something and write about things we like during the week.   I will admit, that I don't have a lot to share. It wasn't a bad week, or a good week.  It was a busy week, I stuck around home and worked on cleaning up my scraps, cutting scraps, and a wee bit of sewing.

I like lists...  Sometimes.  I create grocery lists on my phone and stick to it mostly.  I have lists of books I want to read, lists of books I have read, some of them a couple times.  I hate to say I need to create a quilt list. More on that in another post.  I could go on all day regarding this one.

I like memories, and photographs.  The 26th would have been Jeff's and my 7th anniversary.  I thought about the day, and smiled remembering how special it was.

We were married at Multnomah Falls in Oregon, it had been a rainy, snowy day, but my family was there and my brother was the officiant.  I like that I can look back with fewer tears, even though I miss him dearly.

With all the crazy political stuff going on I saw this and had to follow to see what it was about.  Have you heard about the Violet Protest?  Per their website:

 The Violet Protest is a public effort to send 50 hand-made textile squares to each and every member of Congress in support of these core American value:

          ​• Civility and Respect    Citizenship    Compromise
  Country over party and corporate influence
 Courage      Candor     Compassion    Creativity

Whether we knit, crochet, quilt, or embroider all 26,750 of these squares — through this social action, and from every corner of America; we as makers of all political persuasions, believe we can employ our willing spirit and our talents to contribute to healing divisions that threaten our country. ​This collection of textile squares will be first displayed at Phoenix Art Museum, Fall 2020, before they are sent to the new 117th Congress in 2021.

Focused on the values we hold dear as Americans, rather than any political beliefs, the color violet symbolizes the literal combination of red and blue, long held as symbols of our nation's differing ideologies. Our common goal is to send a physical message of friendly protest through this colossal visual expression to demonstrate that if we as citizens are ​willing ​to come together, so then must our elected officials.

You can read more about it here in case you would like to participate.  The Violet Protest

I like this little card made by Cosco.  Guild charity had one, and I was sad to see it leave.  I decided that I needed one too.  I used to use the guild one all the time around here.  It is a flat bed, but you can convert it to a hand truck and it folds relatively flat.

I like that we have some roosters.  When I order chicks I order all females, but occasionally the sexer gets it wrong.  Yes there is someone who actually has job sexing baby chicks.  Um you can make up to $60,000 a year. Anyway the kids took over the rooster from my last batch of chicks, and he lives a happy life down at their house.  I was laughing because he escaped today, and he is a mighty fine looking fella really.

Bobbin has been an unhappy girl. She went to the vet last week and we discovered she was up to 13.5 lbs.  I was like I wonder how that happened.  Well come to find out the kids gave her treats every time they came down to let her out to potty on the days I work.  Not only that, but she snags table food.  Because of her history with the bladder stone, she gets a urine culture every 3 months.  This one came back not great.  After x-rays, no stone, but she is on a very strict diet.  Only her prescription food.  This is one hangry little girl.  She has taken to sleeping on the loveseat most of the time, and I get the glare.  She will even share space with Lucy she is so mad at me.

Monday, January 27, 2020 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I like that there are so many different museums and memorials throughout the world, and the US.  I was fortunate to visit Yad Vashem in Israel when I was a teen.  I will never forget what I learned and saw there, and I challenge everyone if you have an opportunity to visit a local Holocaust Memorial. Here is a list of museums and memorials in the United States.  Holocaust Memorials

I like when I discover, and I use that term loosely, something yummy in my freezer.  I discovered a quart of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in a freezer.  I think it was purchased last summer while my mom and dad were here.

I love this fabric that Dawn of Relaxing Robin  sent me this neat fabric. 

I noticed tiny words in the crest of the wave. 

a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.  How true.

I like surprise packages also from orders placed almost 2 months ago. 

Rainbow embroidery scissors, and a neat thimble tool holder.

I have two reading picks this week.  The first one is Triple Witch by Sarah Graves.  This is the 2nd book in the Home Repair is Homicide Series.  Jacobia Tiptree is a very successful financial advisor 

who has left her brain surgeon husband.  Taking their son to live in a downeast Maine town near Passamaquoddy Bay, and hopefully get him straightened out.  Jacobia purchased a very old house and begins to refurbish the old home.  I have enjoyed this book, and the first book called Dead Cat Bounce.

My second pick for the week is Cheatgrass by Bart Paul.  It is a few years later after the first book. 
Tommy Smith has entered the army for another 2 tours.  Sarah, the woman he has loved since he was a boy, has sent him a message.  Come home, I need you, my dad is missing.  I am still reading this book, and am thoroughly enjoying it. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like posts. 


  1. I visited the Terezin Concentration Camp outside Prague when I was in Europe (back in college). Even though it wasn't a 'death camp' it was still difficult to deal with. I've read books on the Holocaust all my life.

  2. I love your Thursdays, there is so much to respond to that it is hard, I just love it your rooster that lives down the way, he is a handsome dude.

  3. Love that pic of you and Jeff. Your wayward rooster is a handsome dude for sure. And those eyes that Bobbin is giving you are hysterical. She is sooo funny.great likes

  4. Hi Colette! Oooh, you sure are getting the stink eye from sweet Bobbin. It doesn't seem like 3.5# would be a big deal but when you consider it's 30% of her body weight that puts it in perspective. What a nice picture of you and Jeff. That's the best thing that while you two are apart for now, you have oodles of wonderful memories to call upon whenever you want. You are doing great surviving without him. {{Hugs}} Thanks for the book suggestions. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Great pix of you and Jeff--wonderful memory...
    Bobbin looks both furious and forlorn ("how could you do this to me??" lol) Dogs are masters at "the look" for sure...
    They stare at you until you have to do something or say "What?..." to them...I miss our Kota and her "looks"...;(((
    thanks for sharing another week of wonderfulness..hugs, Julierose Oh and I LOVE that fabric--very Asian...

  6. That's a wonderful picture of you and Jeff - I'm so glad you are able to look at it now with happy memories. That Violet Protest is fascinating, and such a neat idea! I may have to participate. Isn't that rooster a good looking guy?! I hope Bobbin doesn't have to "suffer" too much longer, lol!

  7. What a great list! The picture of you and Jeff is lovely. Multnomah falls is lovely, it's one of the few places in Oregon I've been (back in 1994). Poor Bobbin! No more treats! I laughed about your mis-sexed chickens, I work with mice at work and we occasionally have that problem. At weaning we separate males and females, but occasionally one will get mixed up and we'll discover it when there's an unexpected litter of pups a few weeks later!

  8. Thank you for sharing the Violet Protest. I signed up for 5 squares....

  9. Ooh - you have some fun likes. That photo of you and Jeff is wonderful. Found ice cream - excellent! What neat fabric. That is a handsome rooster. Poor Bobbin - I hope she feels better and cheers up soon.

  10. What a great picture of you and Jeff! I'm sure you will always miss him. The fabric is gorgeous! I love the big thimble tool holder. I hope Bobbin is okay. I have a chubby kitty and a skinny kitty. It's hard to put one on a diet and encourage the other one to eat more!

  11. Oh Colette, I love that photo of the two of you...thanks for sharing. What a setting too. You have so many wonderful likes. Gorgeous fabric with secret words, Bobbin giving you the eye, the Violet Protest which sounds so neat, and of course, the importance of remembering the Holocaust.

  12. Sweet wedding photo. I’m sure you are missing him. I like that cart- I need a smaller version for my home. The Violet Project? I haven’t heard of it and I live near the museum. That rooster’s looking pretty proud! Great post-thank you for sharing all these neat things.

  13. Great likes! I love your wedding photo! Never heard of the Violet Project but will check it out. Have a wonderful week!

  14. Ahhh starting with tears of remembrance to organizing, to lovely words on fabric and rainbow tools, then standing firm with your Bobbin girl so she will be healthy. It's so hard not to eat when you're hungry. It's all good, and thanks as always for joining me in this journey. For telling us about protests that remind congress why they are there, for books to read.

  15. I am joining you from LeeAnna's linky party this week. I had not heard about the Violet Protest, but I ABSOLUTELY love the idea! Thanks so much for sharing! And the fabric with the quote is very unique. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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