Sunday, February 9, 2020

Challenges and Lists

A few days ago Dawn at Relaxing Robin shared her Moda Blockheads book she purchased.  Then a couple of days later, because she wanted to stray from her goals and use the book, she came up with a challenge. Turn to page 24 and make that block.  Lucky for me she couldn't hear me scream from Michigan, "Get Thee Behind Me Satan!" toward her.  Dawn then later changed up the challenge that you could make 2 blocks, 4 blocks, just do something.  Works for me!

After my recent blog about making lists, I decided to make up a simple spreadsheet and list my UFOs.  OK maybe it isn't quite as simple as I think. These are quilts that are in process.  Fabric has been cut, blocks made, borders needed, quilting needed, maybe squaring up, applique stitched down, you get the picture.  I am sure I am missing some but I was aghast at the number!