Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I Like Thursday #97

Welcome to my 97th I Like Thursday post.  Thank you LeeAnna for encouraging us to find things during the week that we like, make us smile, and give us hope. 

I have a cat and a dog that shed like mad.  The couch is blue, honestly, but with all the hair it is hard to tell.  I have used rollers but you would go through all the little tape squares on it to get the hair off.  Vacuuming has little to no effect.  The Great Aunt had one of these weird sponge things, but it was a wee bit worn out, but she swore by it.  I decided to find one and order it. 

I will say that it works awesome.  You just kind of sweep it over the surface and it seems to pick up the pet hair. 

I like wool dryer balls, but did you know that they kind of wear out?  I was noticing that my clothes had quite a bit more static than before, so went to research.  Dryer balls last about 1000 loads.  I think mine were a wee bit past that.  So I went to find  new set.  I ordered these.

I am not one for scents in my laundry, but they say you can add an essential oil to them also to freshen up your laundry.  Maybe bedding and sheets? 

The set I ordered are pigs.  Isn't he adorable?  But there are sheep, sloths, pandas, and many others. 

I finally started working on moving my stuff into the spare room vacated by all the charity quilting stuff.  I have a couple of big bins of scraps, the new lady in charge of charity didn't want them, and I can't seem to throw them out.  So I will show you the part of the room which is semi organized. 

I purchased 2 bookcases, but they were too tall.  So I purchased 2 more to set a table top on, they are still a bit tall, but I can adjust.  I can almost see my dining room table, that is where I used to sew. 

I bought this cute shelf, coat rack, and have been eyeing a peg board on Etsy.

I saw this video and it made me giggle.

Finally the book I have been reading this week is Heresy by S. J. Parris. 

 A Murder on the 16th Century Oxford Campus, Giordano Bruno a visiting ex monk becomes in a grisly murder.

I just finished Buried in a Bog by Sheila Connolly.

Maura Donovan visits a small Irish village at her late grandmother's request.  Quickly she steps in to help at the local pub and  learns of a mysterious murder when they discover a body in a nearby peat bog. 

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  1. Oh those wooley dryer balls look so neat--I will have to check them out...nice likes this week hugs, Julierose

  2. I just might have to get some of those dryers balls.. Thanks for the book recommendations.

  3. I use white vinegar instead of fabric softener-it has no smell after finishing but I think I might try a few drops of lavender for the sheets. Thanks for the idea. (I’m allergic to the store softeners). What interesting subjects in those books. Hmmm. That looks like a big sewing room. Congrats on moving and organizing the “stuff”.

  4. I didn't know the dryer balls wore out - I have a couple that a friend made for me. I also didn't know you could buy them already made. People have such neat ideas! Cute shelf for your new space, too. Have fun organizing it!

  5. never tried those , will have to look for some

  6. Hi Colette! Wool drier balls wear out? Seriously, I had no idea. And the weird sponge - yup. I believe that would work. And the other thing that would work, not that you care any more, is a silicon dish sponge. They are really flexible and have little nubby things sticking up - they work on dog/cat hair AND getting the threads off your design wall. It works really slick! You are a voracious reader, aren't you? I can barely get to the library app to add books you recommend, let alone actually read them. Thanks for the suggestions! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Love the sheep video. Thanks for the smile. To clean Dunkins fur off my couch I use a very lightly damp regular sponge from the dollar store. I run it over the sofa and voila. I get a furball of hair on it that i dispose of. I can then wash and reuse the sponge till i need a new one. I have been thinking of getting one of those shelves for my entryway.lots of likes

  8. I'm constantly vacuuming our furniture. I might try out that sponge. I have little mats down on the couch where the cats sleep so it's not too bad. I've never used dryer balls before.
    You always read the best books!

  9. I had that sponge for cleaning the guinea pig fleece. Worked pretty well. Those pig dryer balls are hilarious! I love shelf racks like that. I chuckled at that video, too.

  10. I love the dryer balls. I use mine all the time, but they’re not cute like those. I like that sponge idea too.

  11. I read today and yesterday's post and thought I would just comment once. My husband loves the dryer balls, like you we don't use fragrance anything. I love the stash and new projects you picked up! The squirrel story made me laugh when it was her kids putting peanuts out!!! Have a great day!


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