Thursday, February 20, 2020

Chasing Squirrels

So I had made a kind of resolution.  I wouldn't start a new project until I finished a project.  Does it count when it is  project for a sewing group?

The group I sew with on Tuesdays decided to make table runners that will be put into auction baskets during Applefest in the fall.  I am also supposed to make some microwave bowl cozies. 

Also once a month one of the ladies teaches a new technique, so there is another one.  Remember this awesome panel I won from Dawn at Relaxing Robin? 

We will be doing an attic window, similar to Dawn's nemesis the Oh Deer! quilt.  That makes 2 new projects that I will be starting.  Sigh!

I have been scheming planning for next projects.  Have you seen the one block wonder quilts made from panels?  I saw this panel and down the rabbit hole I went.

 Of course I had to get the matching fabric, right?

I had seen this awesome pattern with goats in pajamas and knew I had to make one.  I mean who doesn't love goats in pajamas?

Of course when I saw the Just Red line recently released by Zen Chic I thought oh those would make some cute goat pajamas, and since Bella Solids were the basic of the month, I decided on a gray background, bought a couple of charm packs for eyes, and horns, and a fat quarter bundle of neutrals for the goats. 

Of course because I am a text fabric lover I had to get these from the same line to be used in a future project.

And yes there is a squirrel in here. There is a running joke between my middle daughter and myself about squirrels.  She lives in downtown Portland, where there are a lot of trees, and squirrels.  For a long time she called them urban rats.  Then she discovered her kids were putting peanuts on the window ledge of the apartment and feeding the squirrels. 

When I saw the pattern RU Ready for Winter by Lorna MacMahon of Sew Fresh quits and had to have the pattern.

The squirrels will be in birch trees and so I found some birch bark fabric.  I don't have a background but I did kit it up with the pattern.  

See no squirrels were hurt in this post. 


  1. Very cute post featuring such cute things, goats in pjs and squirrels in birch trees. Enjoyed seeing your purchases. Have fun with the sewing.

  2. Great purchases--love that text fabric--I used up most of mine for my grandson's quilt--umm does that mean i can BUY some mor? LOL Hugs for a great weekend of sewing fun...Julierose

  3. Hi Colette! Wow, when you jump in you jump in deep. All of these fabrics are oh so fab. I adore text fabric as well, or maps . . . I actually controlled myself earlier today and didn't buy a map fabric. Just four other two yard cuts and one of them has a purpose already. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Sew on, have some fun starts here.

  5. Great fabric buying. Love the goats in pjs.

  6. I’ll have to check out the one block wonders made with panels. You certainly have a lot to keep you sewing.

  7. This post is so funny! A few years ago, I too had vowed to not start a new project until I finish one. I had as much luck with it as you did! I find that I can get more older projects done when I give myself to start new ones too.

  8. I have no self control with new projects

  9. Ok. Here is the crown back oh Queen of Squirrels. LOL love those goats. Love the fabrics,gotta check out one block wonder from panels too. Fun fun things.

  10. I am really loving the John Deere and text fabrics.

    Yes, we quilters seem to get each other into projects. It is more fun to sew something together.

  11. Have fun with your new projects. It's always fun to learn new things, and make things for others.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..." Sending good wishes for a lovely day...hugs, Julierose

  13. P.S. My son's 50th was did that happen??;000


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