Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I Like Thursday #98

Welcome to my 98th I Like Thursday post.  Thank you LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things we like, or love during the week and share with others.

I like that it is Shamrock Shake season at McDonalds.  I don't eat there often, but I love their filet o'fish sandwiches and the Shamrock Shakes. 

I like that I have a sewing room again, and so to celebrate I opened my new Panasonic iron that I bought during Christmas at a stuff your stocking event.

I like the small wooden tv tray that I purchased that I can sit by my ironing board, and sewing table to hold my iron, some gum, perhaps  pincushion within easy reach.  You can see the table under the iron.

I like Paczki.  You can read about it here.  Paczki.  But being a baker the last few weeks have been a bit more strenuous making a couple of dozen extra pastries a day, until Sunday where things really ramped up.

Four Paczki go into a box.  The flavors that I had were Raspberry, Lemon, Bavarian Cream (Custard), Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cheese, Prune.  Then there are the mini Raspberry, and mini Bavarian Cream which have 8 to a box.  I like to mix mine up and they are either glazed,  or have powdered sugar, and some boxes have both.  Fat Tuesday in my neck of the woods is Paczki Day, and it has been crazy insane the past 3 days.  To boot the normal donut girl took vacation so I had 8 days in a row of working during this very busy time. 

Here is a small sample of the front table that has just a few of the boxes I made.  I filled this table 2 times Monday, and 4 times on Tuesday.

I like my friends at work.  This was awaiting me Wednesday morning.

At home I had a package from my mom.

A pillowcase with different places throughout Oregon.  I was told it is for my travel pillow that lug all over when I am traveling.

I got flowers from my oldest daughter.

They are gorgeous with lovely purple delphinium, asters, some lilies and the gorgeous yellow roses.

I received  best friend necklace from the youngest daughter.
One part goes on Bobbin's collar.  The other part is mine. 

I love this little card that came in the package. 

I received this awesome package from Dawn.

 A book called Setting Solutions by Sharyn Craig, just flipping through it got my creative juices flowing and some ideas for finishing up some quilts.

 A sweet hand towel, and a green homespun (which will be going into a Halloween quilt kit).
Then there is the great card.  Every single birthday girl needs a big hunk (of cake) for her birthday.

I bought myself a few little gifts too.  

I saw this pattern and of course had to have it being the super sexy chicken lady.  LOL

I bought it from a shop on Etsy, and thought that the receipt that was sent along with the pattern was very cute too.

After traveling through Glacier National Park this summer I had to have the newest panel by Riley Blake.

I also saw a nice bundle of orange and yellow batik fabrics.

I needed a new shirt and this one from Badass Quilter's Society is awesome.

Working 8 days in a row there hasn't been a lot of sewing going on, but I did manage to get the Ribbon Star table runner sewn together.  Now to just find a backing, sandwich, and quilt. 

The book I am reading this week is Stiff Competition by Annelise Ryan.  Book 7 in the Mattie Winston mysteries.
Mattie Winston's had an awesome life.  An ER Nurse at the local hospital and married to Dr. David Winston, the perfect life, until she catches Dr. David dallying with another nurse.  Dr. David has Mattie blacklisted from the hospital so she is getting divorced, has no where to live and no job.  Mattie is offered a job working with the local Medical Examiner's office. This is several stories into the series and Mattie's life seems to be one uncontrollable situation after another interspersed with murder investigations. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's and check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Wow great likes! Love your paczki. Looks delish.your birthday flowers and necklace and pillowcase are all so neat too. You are loved girl.i may need to become a badass quilter

  2. We "discovered" Packzi this year--they are fantastic..especially the Bavarian Cremes..yum!! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday--that is so good to hear...hugs, Julierose

  3. Lots of wonderful likes to remind us that life is good!

  4. Hi Colette! Well, Happy Birthday late. Was your birthday just yesterday? Wow, you have really been busy making Paczkis. I wonder why they allowed the usual donut maker to be off during one of the busiest seasons of the year?! Just saying. I somehow got ahead of you in the Mattie Winston books. I just have two to go in the series - I've really enjoyed them, so thanks for sharing the author with us. You've got loads of great goodies! Soon you'll be enjoying that new sewing room. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Wow a terrific list this week Colette! I enjoyed Paczki on my side of our lake too :-) I forgot that you work in the bakery so ya after seeing the crazy at our little local Polish bakery I can imagine how you felt. Is that iron cordless? I’ve looked at it a few times...but I don’t need a new one but I’d love a cordless one!

  6. Happy Birthday! I am going to have to try one of those Paczki sometime, it looks like too much filling to me but I am not a jelly donut fan so maybe that's why. Lots of fun new things in your life looks like :)

  7. Wow! So many great likes! Paczkis look delicious - I've just heard of them this year - I'll need to try one at some point. Love your little cookie. Happy birthday!

  8. again happy birthday, hope you had the best

  9. Happy Birthday, Colette! Looks like your family really celebrated you! I especially love the pillowcase! I would love to try a paczki someday. It's hard to imagine how many you must have been baking!

  10. Happy Birthday! I haven't had a shamrock shake in ages! I used to love them! Love the look of your new iron! You got so many great gifts! Enjoy them all!

  11. Ribbon Star is lovely. Boy you were very busy in the bakery! We make pancakes for Ash Wednesday. I have never heard of Fat Tuesday. Those treats look delicious. Lovely birthday gifts and belated Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

  12. Happy Birthday! It looks like you enjoyed a very fun day. I'm seeing Paczki posts today, and I think I need to try one. I'd like the cream filling; hubs would take cherry filling. Hope you have some time now to put your feet up and rest a bit!

  13. Happy Birthday! Such thoughtful gifts! We don't have paczki here; the Pennsylvania dutch eat donuts they call fastnachts. Get some rest and good sewing time and have a great week!

  14. Happy belated Birthday! February is a great month for birthdays! I'd never heard of paczki until I moved here. It's not a southern thing I guess.

  15. Happy happy birthday! We are looking forward to our annual filet-o-fish and shamrock shake dinner date next Friday for Lent. :)

  16. Cheers to a new trip around the sun! You got some awesome birthday gifts. I wonder if there's a source for the paczki in California.

  17. What a cute Chicken pattern. Happy Birthday!

  18. My mind is reeling with all the fun stuff but your iron has me slobbering all over myself....

  19. This is one heck of a busy week. Loved what you had baked and it looks yummy. It is an interesting week and loved all your photographs. It is filled with creativity making me think what else I can do. And, belated birthday wishes to you. May all dreams come true.

  20. You are blessed with lot of good things around. It also shows that you have had a memorable birthday. I am planning to present such things to my friends. Thanks for this blog.


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