Monday, February 10, 2020

No Where to Be

I had a day off, and I didn't have anywhere that I had to be, no appointments, meetings.  Nada!  Today I planned on sewing, and maybe a wee bit of a home improvement project.

First on my list a church charity quilt.  I usually have a couple hanging around to be finished.  I needed to hand sew the opening closed then sew around the edge.

Done in no time.  That was a good start to the day. 

I finished up the half of my rainbow.  I have another half to do, but I needed something different to work on for a bit.

I grabbed some scraps from yet another shoe box full of batiks, and started cutting them up.  Some for spools, some for the 3 patch chain scrap quilt.  Maybe spools should be on my agenda today, Hmmm what color of spools though?  I found some pink, and with the gray dreary day, pink it is!  But what was in my scrap box was limited.  So I went and retrieved my two boxes of batik strips, and squares.

I dug, and fiddled and ended up with these 3 spools. 

Pink is definitely not a color that is common in my batik fabrics.  

I worked on the 3 patch chain since my bin is getting full.

I also sewed some more on the Dresden Charity quilt.

I am almost ready to sew the whole top portion together. 

There was some reading, a nap, and I made a pot of potato soup for dinner.  Overall not a bad showing for the day.


  1. Really nice work on your day off..Fun work;)))
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Yum, potato soup :) Looks like a fun day, I need to try and get back to sewing...lots of WIPs around here!

  3. Great job. I am proud of you. You have accomplished a ton.

  4. I wish you hadn't shown me those spools...I am drooling and a great way to get rid of some scraps...that may have to be my next project....what a good use of time with your no where to be...lots of fun stuff.

  5. Treadle On is having a spool block exchange later this summer (different spool).


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