Saturday, September 5, 2020

Tiny Accomplishments

 Lately the only time I post is for I Like Thursday and sometimes I really struggle to have anything worthwhile to share.  But I have been making tiny accomplishments.  My whine is, with as much as I work it is really tough to get a whole lot accomplished, and lately either I only have 1 day off a week or if I have 2 they are split, so those days are filled with housework, yard work, etc. I have been trying to accomplish a small task every day lately though. 

I recently shared that I finally hung up my Transformation quilt.

I had seen a post somewhere, where someone had used an old  yardstick as a way of holding quilts.  I thought it was fabulous, and guess who owns some old yardsticks?  

I put up the yard stick.  How fitting, I worked for GM for years, and I love that it is advertising for the 1965 Chevrolets.  I have another for a local farm implement store which is many years old too.  

Then had to order some hangers.  I 💓 Amazon they have almost anything you want.  I ordered a box of these hooks.  

 There were 50 in the box so will have plenty of use. 

I then chose the quilt to hang.  I decided on my patriotic table runner.  It was a kit from a Freedom Bound Quilt Shop.  

 I can change out the quilts easily which is nice.

 I ordered 2 hand forged hooks to put up an old rolling pin.  The great aunt told me that her great, great, great grandfather had hand carved it and it was a family treasure.  

 I bought a neat little tray a few years ago, and searched for a way to hang it on the wall.   

I found a neat easel like wall hanger for small plates and trays.  I had to readjust my cluster of stuff, but I am happy with it overall.  

I finally hung up my Velocipede quilt.

I made a cute little mug rug for a friend recently. 

Then added a cute little pin.

Hopefully it cheered her up a wee bit.

I finished my grand daughter Karena's Christmas Stocking Cuff.  I think I am finally caught up.  

I had shipped this off to my mother for her to do her part.  Someday I need to get a picture of all the stockings hung at my mother's house.  Every member of the family is represented, I think.  

I have been working on the Flower Delivery Quilt.  

I only have 20 blocks to make for one section.  Three of the one above in 4 different colorways, and 2 of the ones below in 4 different colorways.  

I still have 8 more to make.  

I have been cutting fabric for a quilt called Absolute Autumn.  

I decided to buy their kit, and love the colors and fabrics.  I have a few more pieces to cut then I can begin sewing.  

I worked up this quick applique piece I saw online.  

Now to stitch the applique down.  I am slow at that.   

I finished the embroidery on this piece which was part of the 2019 Row by Row.  I bought this one in Brownsville, Oregon.

I didn't like all the fabrics in the little kit, so I went digging through my 30's scraps and I am very happy with the way it has turned out.  I now need to quilt it.  I am trying to figure out the color to use for the binding.  

I made this small piece and got it quilted up recently i t is called Vintage Glory.  It is going to be a pillow.  

I am also prepping this piece to sew down the applique'.

It is a wall hanging.  

I have some other small things going on but I will save those for another day.




  1. You have been accomplishing A LOT!!! Great projects! Love your hanging with the yard stick!

  2. Despite your difficult work hours you have really gotten a lot of great little things done!! Nice job--I love the last saying and the 30's fabric borders are just perfect. Hugs Julierose

  3. Hi Colette! What a fun newsy post. I am glad you've found time for a creative outlet in spite of all the hours you've been working. That rolling pin is SO COOL. And it looks nice in the vignette you created. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I enjoy hanging my quilts on vintage yardsticks too. Those hooks are a great idea. Having such little time off, you’ve really accomplished quite a bit. I agree that the 30s fabric works well with that block.

  5. Wow, Colette, I'm impressed with all that you accomplish esp. with having a full time job too. I need to come to your house and get some pointers on time management! Love all your projects...your different hangers were an inspiration to me. You have the neatest stuff!

  6. Once again I love everything, very inspiring. I love the yardstick idea.....maybe I will do the same. Love the wall hanging as well.

  7. Wow girl. Sleep much? You have been the Energizer bunny for sure. Love your yardsticks.we have one too and the young grandkids always ask what you are supposed to do with them.nice vignette and nice projects.

  8. I really like the truck with thw flag and thw bicycle blocks.
    Great yard stick hanger! I need a new quilt hanger that is easier to hang quilts.


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