Wednesday, February 4, 2015

And Then Another

First order of business***

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Feb 5th  

I got the call late Monday night.  Now after my mailbox being plowed in I was pretty sure that my bus route which is back roads which are dirt and I have several which are barely one vehicle wide was probably not going to be passable.  While all of the school districts around us cancelled school early in the day on Monday, ours did not happen until much later in the evening. Again DH was scheduled to go into work at 3 am on Tuesday morning.

That means my morning was get up, pack the wood burner/boiler with wood, let the girls out (they get locked in at night since the coyotes have been spotted around) and give them some treats. Also since I have not had a chance to go to the grocery store since it was Superbowl weekend and it was insane I needed some groceries and to go the PO to pick up my mail.  I decided to go to the local grocery store to at least pick up some stuff to make 2 or 3 meals.  I was not the only person at the PO picking up mail from our road because of their box being plowed in.

Look at the happy mail I had waiting!
Some yardage of Oh Clementine by Allison Harris for Windham.  I have a couple of fat quarter bundles but I decided I wanted to do the Moda Modern Building blocks quilt in one fabric line, and the Oh Clementine was on sale so I figure out yardage and ordered so I would have a nice mix, as well as enough fabric for a background, and of course I saw a bright yellow polka dot which I thought was gorgeous, and the gray and they all seem to hash together so well.  Not often do I make a quilt from on specific line of fabric, but I just kind of loved the patterns and colors and the Modern Building Blocks quilt looked like just the project to use it in.

The other happy mail was my W2 so I could do taxes.  Since I had a snow day, and even though I wanted to sew, I knew that I should work on the taxes.  I actually finished them in about 1 1/2 hours!  Whipped up a dinner and put it in the slow cooker and had time to sew and it was only 1:30 pm.

I have almost 60 of my Farmer's Wife blocks squared up.  I have another to remake I am not happy with I think part of the reason why these patterns are so difficult is that some of the pieces are probably actually using 1/8 or 1/16th inch increments.    I alternated between squaring Farmer's Wife blocks, squaring up GIMQ blocks,
 and working on sections for the 9 patch star block which is paper pieced.

Not too shabby and I just lost one point.  I could take it apart and scant up the seam which would probably fix it but after about 7 hours of working on it I was done for at least today.

I wandered out at about 8 pm to put the girls in and the next snowstorm had started.  It is kind of like the last, the light stuff but after just a few minutes outside I was totally covered in snow.  DH is scheduled to go back to work at midnight which means he needs to be up by 11pm.  I think I am ready for the snow days to end. 


  1. I hear you on the snow. my back wants it to stop too! love your projects. you have been so productive. and your stash enhancements are lovely too. cant wait to see them made up

  2. Those fabric will be lovely in your Modern Building Blocks quilt. I have my top done, but it's so big I can't get a decent picture of it...And then the snow came. One of these days I will get a picture of it. =)

  3. I am with you on the SNOW (which it is doing AGAIN here and for foreseeable future I guess!!) my sewing mojo has disappeared lately for some reason...I am reading a new book though called "Sarum" by Edward Rutherford which is fascinating and long; just vegging out here for a bit I guess. Nice fabric enhancement there....hugs, Julierose

  4. The Moda building blocks will look wonderful in that fabric !!

  5. Your fabrics are gorgeous. They will make a beautiful quilt! Lots of snow days here too!

  6. Love your goodies, read my blog ,I have plants coming up

  7. All the projects look great! Love your new fabric. Want to hear more about the chicken girls!

  8. I love the black, white and pink color scheme, will you do that with all your FW blocks?

  9. We haven't had a snow day this year but we're hoping to get at least one before the month is out. :) blessings, marlene

  10. You've been getting lots stitched, with all the snow days.


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