Sunday, February 8, 2015

So Much Sewing

First of all I would like to ask you to check out Day 8 of the "We Support You" blog hop.  These lovelies have some gorgeous creations I guarantee. 
Feb 9th 

Have you ever had days that you sew, and sew, and sew and don't have a whole lot to show for it?  I have had several days of it.  It really doesn't even feel like I am getting a lot accomplished.

I have been squaring up my Farmer's Wife blocks. I think I have remade 4 all together that I just couldn't get to be big enough.

This is Peace and Plenty.  I think my piecing skills are getting a lot better.  I have about 75 blocks squared up so far.  I am currently working on remaking another block which I just was not happy with. 

I finished up a pet pillow filled with scraps and shavings for the quilt guild. 

I manage to get my bobbin stuck in the bobbin case and had to wait for DH to extract it.  Just a wee bit too much thread was wound on it. 

I have been sewing what feels like a bazillion of these units.  Sew, square up, sew the unit together.  I only have about 25 completed, which means I still have another 75 to go. 

I made 10 connecting blocks for my BOM that I have been working on with a batik group I belong to. 

 I was so frustrated from what felt like my lack of progress, I decided to try to finish something.

I took apart a Christmas stocking I had made for someone many years ago.  I loved the snowman!  I trimmed up the cross stitch piece.
and made a pillow cover.

I was rather pleased with how it turned out.  Except....when I attached the back, I somehow got it turned sideways.

Oh well not like anyone sees the back and would notice unless they turned it over right?  I had a pillow form but it was too small.  I know I have another which is larger hanging around somewhere. 

Do you have times where it feels like you sew a lot but don't get a whole lot accomplished? 


  1. That happens to me all the time. It looks to me like you HAVE accomplished a lot. A bazillion blocks squared up and that BOM quilt is coming together so beautifully. AND you seem to have a blog post and keep me reading and entertained all the time. I would say you have a lot to show!!

  2. looks to me like you have been productive my friend. sometimes when we have tons of little pieces like in Bonnies mysteries, it is hard to see the progress. You have been very productive for sure

  3. Oh girl, I know how you feel working on the GIMQ ! I wouldn't change that cute, cute pillow ....your right no one ever looks at the back !

  4. looks like you got lots done though, my friend!!

  5. I feel like that quite often, especially when I'm sewing something with lots of pieces in it. It looks to me like you've accomplished quite a bit!

  6. I'm sewing HST's right now, and, it feels like I'm not getting anything done, even when I look at the stacks of HST's I've finished. What a cute cowboy snowman.

  7. My goodness yes!!! Right now I feel like I am spinning my wheels BIG TIME! But when I look back, I realize that I've done more than I thought. I think you will realize that too - squaring up takes tons of time, but it has to be done and is just as important as any other (more fun) part of the process. Yesterday I had planned to sew, but it ended up being a planning day instead. I spent all day pulling fabrics for a couple of upcoming projects. It may look like I accomplished nothing, but in reality I was putting in the time and effort to get more done in the days to come :*)


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