Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Got A Snow Day...And Then Another!

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Feb  4th 

I received a call early Sunday afternoon that I was going to have a snow day on Monday!  Happy Dance!!!!
Unfortunately poor DH had to go to work at 3am.

After considering my post about why I have UFOs I decided to go at some of the stuff I dislike in a different manner.

I printed out all of the block instructions for the BOM that I participate in through a group I belong to.  While reviewing those blocks I started to wonder if I had enough fabric for my connector blocks and if I would have any extra that I could use in blocks so I decided to cut out all of the parts for my connector blocks. 

I started to prep the next block for that group which is a paper pieced project.

I sewed some more parts for the GIMQ, and squared some up too.
My next task was to square up a few blocks from my Farmer's Wife.  I was squaring away when I realized that this block was only about 6 inches instead of 6 1/2.

I pulled out the templates, recut and sewed and this one came out to be 7 inches!  What the heck!  So I took the red white and blue block apart and trimmed the individual units down a bit.

This is after trimming and resewing.  It is still about 1/8 of an inch too big, but I can deal with it.  I am right around 43 blocks squared up.  That is a little under halfway! 

I noticed the mailman coming down the road and I was expecting a package.  Usually he pull up and honks, but I saw him roll past our house, the ancient ones and turn down the side street.  I thought that was strange. So I put my shoes and coat on and went out to check the mailbox.  The county had done a couple of passes down our road and had created a snow pile in front of my box about 6 feet wide, 6 -8 feet long and 3 feet deep from the mailbox out towards the road. When DH got home, he plowed around the mailbox.  Ugh that means that tomorrow I have to venture to the post office. 


  1. A perfect way to spend a snow day!

  2. We had a truck do a bit of that to the end of our drive too, sometimes there's just nowhere to put it I guess.

  3. I am so behind on the FW...I may need to send it to you ! haha, I'm just kidding ! (Maybe)

  4. Wow - I suppose the snow can't be ALL good, huh? You got your snow days, but then you didn't get your package because of it. Looks like you are putting those snow days to very good use! I'm afraid your squaring up session didn't inspire you to love squaring up any better, did it? That's happened to me so many times LOL!!!


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