Saturday, February 14, 2015

Puttering Around

The last few days I have been puttering around doing this and that.  A bit of sewing, housework,  and some cross stitch.  It is hard to stay motivated when it seems like it has been days on end of cold, snowy, blustery weather.

I remade the woven ribbons quilt block for the Farmer's Wife and finished up squaring up all the blocks which is very cool!  Now to start the sashing.

I completed another block called the Double Aster which goes with a BOM for a group I belong to.

I have 12 blocks made but each month they had some people who chose alternate blocks.  We also ended up having two people choose blocks each month.    I need 24 total and I have 12 so far.  I work on these a bit then....

Work on squaring up these blocks.

With all of the sewing I still only have enough for 50 of the units squared up.  I have some more sewn  and waiting on the ironing board to be pressed. Now I have admitted I hate trimming and squaring so I get distracted sometimes. 

Have you seen these cute little hearts which were made over at Cluck, Cluck, Sew?
 What do you do when you are sick of trimming and squaring up blocks?  Dig through the pile of scraps on your cutting table and make heart blocks.  The tutorial is super easy, and just a few days later she came up with additional sizes of hearts!  I will show you the rest of this piece which I created in a few days.  Lets just say that I have decided that I am going to use some of my favorite fabrics to make these hearts! 

I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful.  Friday the 13th was a bit daunting for a bus driver.  I have a bus load of kids hopped up on sugar from the Valentine's parties, that have been cooped up inside for weeks.  How to handle it?  Tell them go ahead and eat your candy on the bus, but keep your wrappers, and if there is something you do not like.  Do Not Spit it out on the floor!  I handed out grocery bags every few seats, and I think it was one of the best days so far.  I didn't have to tell anyone sit down a hundred times, there was no crying, hitting, poking in the eye, kicking, and the bus was relatively unscathed.  I did a quick cleaning before I finished for the day which took about 10 minutes but I honestly could not have asked for a better day.  When I got home what was waiting for me?

A box of these!  My favorite. 

And a dozen of these, the whole house is filled with their lovely fragrance.  I am a wee bit spoiled. 


  1. Not spoiled - LOVED!!! So glad you had a wonderful day my friend!

    Those hearts are cute - can't wait to see what you do with them. And you are making great progress on your squaring up blocks - way to go!!!

  2. aw how nice to feel loved. kudos to you on keeping the kids in line. not an easy feat! your projects are coming along - love the heart

  3. Wonderful to be treated on Valentine's Day! I get so tired of squaring up as well, so always leave it for a bit and play with other projects. Those hearts are a great idea!

  4. Your honey bunny is so nice ! I'm sitting here laughing.....the parents had to deal with their kids sweet sugary behavior, not you ! Eating kept them busy on the bus.

  5. Yea! You got those FW blocks squared up! The hard part is over. Glad things went well on the bus. I could never be a bus driver, I'd want to kill the kids.

  6. I don't like squaring up either, which sometimes has caused me problems that involved a lot of seam ripping. Cute, cute hearts that go perfectly with the love you got on Valentine's Day. Sweet!

  7. We are blessed with good hubby, hugs friend

  8. That was a good idea with the candy! I came home from school with a bag of candy from all of the kids. I put it in the candy bowl and will share next time I host church.

  9. I admit I kind of like squaring things up... like folding clothes, order from a mess. LeeAnna

  10. Lots of progress here! Such pretty blocks and wowza pretty posies! I got my hubs to gift me thread and I gifted him new warm gloves.


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