Monday, February 16, 2015


Do you ever have long weekends which kind of end up being lost weekends?  Saturday was cold, snowing, blowing, and just down right inhospitable.  Sunday was very cold, as was Monday.  Now I understand why some animals hibernate during the winter.  All that I want to do sometimes is just curl up and sleep. 

 The little boys came on Sunday and played, it was nice to get some hugs and see them since there has been a lot going on in their lives lately.  When that happens as a grandparent you just want to hold them to make sure that they understand that no matter what we love them unconditionally. 
I finished sewing all of these partial units.  Now just to finish trimming them and square the units up. 
I finished my frolic quilt block for the group which I participate in.  I am glad it was an easier block.  I also started working on 5 more connector blocks for this  project also. 

I put some sashing on my Farmer's Wife blocks.  I have been procrastinating because I don't have my design wall area any longer since we moved our family room into the dining room area.  My design wall was in the dining room, and to put 111 blocks on the floor to only pick them up again is a bit daunting. 

I am using Moda Bella parchment solid as my sashing.  I will have Moda Bella navy as the cornerstones.  I am still unsure of what color to use as the side setting blocks. 

A few days ago I had a coupon for a discount off of Oakshott cottons.  I love shot cottons, and have lusted over wanted a bundle of the Oakshott, which is about as difficult to come by in the US as hen's teeth.  The coupon for the bundle was just what I needed.

I bought 2 fat eighth bundles and it arrived via Fed Ex today!  From England!  I was totally thrilled that it came today, and to top it off I also received a pack of 2 1/2 inch squares, and a handwritten note as a thank you! DH looked at me and inquired why do you order something on Friday and it arrives on Monday, I ordered my crane parts 3 weeks ago from the company in China which were supposed to be next day aired.  I still don't have parts or a crane.  I tried to explain to him that it was the fact that the rotation of the earth was assisting my delivery whereas his had to fight the rotational pull.  I don't think he bought that explanation. 


  1. When it's cold, stay inside and sew! As always, I enjoy seeing all of your projects! Hope the chicken girls are staying nice and warm!

  2. Good for you getting those GIM blocks sewn up ! Are you going to put another design wall up? I have never had one, but would love to...I just don't have the wall space. Give those babies an extra hug from a lady in Texas.

  3. Tell hubby that fabric is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than boring old crane parts ;)

  4. Don't think he bought that, should tell him fabric has wings

  5. I love that explanation you gave your hubby! LOL I have a design wall made with cotton batting and can't imagine not having it since my old body would argue with me if I had to bend down to the floor with all my blocks.


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