Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day Means Sew Day

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Feb 3rd 

Sunday it started snowing around 4am, when we got up at 8 there was barely 2 inches on the ground, but DH went out and hung the plow on the truck just in case.  He no more than came back into the house and he was called into work by about 11am and I had the whole day to myself! 

What did I do? 

I squared up some of my Farmer's blocks and remade the one called Cats and Mice.
 This was the first one and it was a wee bit small.  So I made a second one. 
I was much happier with this one. 
I actually managed to square up blocks and soon I realized that I had 30 of them done.  That means I am a wee bit shy of 1/3 done. 

I worked on sewing part 2 of the Grand Illusion  I have trimmed and sewn together this unit and have 
another 6 waiting to be trimmed.  I also have a bunch partially sewn with just the pink HST. 

I did manage to get one block from the BOM which I have been working on with a quilt group which I belong to.   

The block is called Christmas Star and can be found on Quilter's Cache.

I also managed to get my quilt loaded on the frame, but needed to spread out the batting so the wrinkles would work their way out.  Then I will get it completely loaded and start the quilting. 

I ventured out to plow the driveway so when DH came home he could get into the driveway.  I had spent a couple of hours watching the new neighbors try to clear their driveway with a snow blower.  Living in the country with long driveways using a snow blower to clear your driveway is like trying to empty a bathtub with a teaspoon.  I moved quite a bit of snow, and DH came home and finished up.  He will be heading back out to work to plow the city he works for at 2am, and is taking my plow vehicle. Right now the weather forecast is saying it will continue to snow until 7am.  With the wind blowing it is difficult to tell how much snow has really fallen. 


  1. Good for you getting those items on your list checked off!!! The pinks in your Grand Illusion are wonderful! And I really like that Christmas Star block - very striking! Try to stay warm and enjoy your snow, um, SEW days :*)

  2. We just got a dusting of snow, I would love a snow day to be able to stay in and quilt. I love your quilt on the frame, is it a lattice quilt?

  3. WOW, you accomplished a lot and plowed snow too. I really like that Christmas star block. I need a star block for a group and I may use that one.

  4. you got a lot done on your sew day. I worked in this crap. my boss and I the only ones there and she made me stay 8 hrs. when I got out there was about a foot of snow behind my car. had to get out in street and shovel to get in my driveway and the streets were horrendous. fun fun

  5. You got a lot done! I got paralyzed with all the freezing rain/sleet/ice and then snow--we snow blew and shoveled--not much going on in the sewing room. hugs, Julierose

  6. Ahh...snow, at least there's only a couple months left :)

  7. Stay safe, glad I live where we just get in inches,

  8. Many pretty things your working on, thanks for the link to the Christmas Star ! LOL ....on your analogy of the neighbors snow removal !

  9. My son and I shoveled twice on Sunday (our snow day). I only have shovels, and an electric snow blower. That cord gets in the way, and, it isn't very powerful, it's much better than just a shovel. We ended up with over 15".


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