Saturday, September 26, 2015

Finn's Stash

I watch the grand kids every day, Monday through Friday.  I get to their house a little before 6 am.  I get the two oldest kids up at 7 am.  They get dressed, brush their teeth and are out the door to catch the bus.  I don't have to feed them breakfast, or make them lunches because the school district provides free breakfast and lunch for all students.  I then get the middle boy up, he attends a different school, and he gets dressed, sometimes he eats, sometimes he just hangs out until it is time to go catch his bus. Then it is just The Finn and I.  Most days Finn is up when I get there. 

Finn is a bit of an insomniac, he wanders the house all night long.  He is put to bed around 7:30 pm every night.  The nights he sleeps 12 hours he gets up happy as a little clam, he is easy to get along with, and behaves.  Nights he is up and down, Oh boy!  It is a struggle between us both all day long. The biggest kids get home at about 4 and the middle boy about 5.  I make sure homework is done, some nights I make them dinner, and make sure they get their chores done.  Many nights their mom and dad don't get home until well after 8 pm.  Long day for all of us. 

Where is this going you wonder?  Well I don't cook hardly at all at my own home.  I text DH on my way out the door to let him know I am on my way, and he has dinner ready for me when I get home.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the pantry the other day, pulled out the shelf with the pots and pans and discovered this.

A necklace (not mine), a couple of Allen type wrenches, and a toy T wrench.  Why Finn would put a stash of objects in here I can only imagine.  I am sure it was done while he was staying here this summer while we were on vacation.  Do you like my excuse for not doing a whole lot of sewing? 

I get wee bits done every now and then.  I got my hexie table topper sewn together.  What do you think?  Should I finish it off with some half hexie rounds? Or  leave it as is, and put a backing on it?

I did get my bag lady block done for the month.  I was not a fan of her homespuns.  I think that they would be something that you starch the bejeebers out of.  so it doesn't distort.
I also threw together some bookmarks which I had seen on Facebook not too long ago.  I just have the backing and to kind of bind them. I think they will end up maybe going to the sale for a couple of dollars a piece. 

All from scraps of this and that.  I may have a couple of more that I can throw together before next weekend. 

While I am watching Finn I do handwork.  I have been making yoyos.  I have a plan, I need to draw it out better, but I know I need a whole bunch of these. 
These are just a very few of the ones I have made. 

All I know is like so many others lately I am just too busy, and tired to sew.  Do you miss it when you don't have time to sew?  Even if it is only a few minutes a day?


  1. I haven't stitched a stitch since last Sunday. I have hand projects with me, but, I haven't had time (it's hard when you are out of town). Hopefully I'll get to stitch next Friday.

  2. Oh you ARE busy--it's a wonder you get to do any sewing with that schedule.....i do miss sewing, but also right now anyway, just doing bits and bobs of it....I do get tired from doing it and switch to knitting or reading or gardening....hugs, what a treasure trove! Julierose

  3. so cute to find Finns "stash" LOL. that is a busy schedule for sure. I feel calm when I get to sew or create. the other day at the dr apt for hubs I worked on my knitted scarf. an easy pattern with variegated yarn. the color change in the yarn helps me to want to do more. I need to work on my turkey-your turkey parts are on their way.

  4. I love that little stash Finn left you...too funny! When my kids were little I sewed their clothes and home deco stuff, and in the middle of it I'd have some cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Now that I'm older and have less energy, I get no sewing done if the Monkey Boys are around. You are amazing and a good grandma/mom to do all you do!

  5. Lucky kids to have you there and what a cute little stash to find. You are a very busy lady.

  6. I do miss sewing - I get a bit blue if I miss out sewing at least sometime during the week.

  7. I have not been sewing much either, the weather has lured me out :) So nice to finally have some summer. Your days seem long indeed! Glad you have found some projects to sneak in here and there.

  8. Sounds like they keep you busy and that's a long day.


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