Monday, September 28, 2015

Somethings Just Not Right

Do you have certain sounds that you listen for and when you don't hear them you actually wake up?  Or if you hear something out of the ordinary you wake up?

I know that between 2am and 4 am our road is very quiet.  Not so on Friday night.  There were people drag racing up and down the road....not that our road is that spectacular.  It is pretty beat up and full of pot holes, barely 2 lanes wide, no shoulder, and it will only be a matter of time before someone is in the ditch again.  The constant speeding woke me up. Then I heard voices.  People walking up our road in the middle of the night is not a good thing.  Of course I was awake then, listening, and could not go back to sleep.  So at 3 am I was up reading, sewing, cutting scraps, doing laundry, dishes, and prepping so I had stuff to do once DH was up and out the door to work.  I got a bit done, but was dragging all day, and finally took a nap around 3 pm for a couple of hours.

I did start quilting on my charity quilt for guild.

DH played with a free motion foot and made it so I can use a ruler, so I have nice straight lines for my stars.

These are my 2 1/2 inch tumblers.  I am amassing quite a few.

Saturday night I was exhausted and knew that Sunday DH and I were going to be working on wood.  At midnight one of the neighbors in one of the McMansions behind us started their Karaoke party.  Music you can't quite make out the song, and really bad singing.  Let's just say I was up the majority of the night once again.  DH and I managed to get about 3 face cords of wood split, and and stacked in the woodshed.

Sunday night, I was so tired.  Between two sleepless nights, and a good hard workout doing wood, I was so ready for bed, after a good long shower.  My head hit the pillow, and a dog somewhere began barking.  Normally that is not a sound we hear.  I then started listening to make sure that it was not out by my chickens.  I am not kidding when I say that the dog barked all night long, because soon my alarm was going off and it was time for me to get up and going.

I have been working on helping the quilting economy though.

I found this at Craft Town Fabrics.  They have a daily "flash" sale, and the grunge charm squares were one of the items one day.  I also spied this patriotic looking striped fabric and thought it would be great to use as a binding on my charity quilts since they all seem to be red, white, and blue (patriotic looking)

I wanted to put a wide border on two sides of the yellow brick road quilt and I had been looking at Summer Breeze for a while.

I now think that I will do a thin yellow border on the two sides, and then the fabric above with a yellow brick road square in the corner.  I wanted to make the border in a continuous cut so I purchased 4 yards of the Summer Breeze fabric and found it on sale at 40% off from Thrifty Needle a couple of weeks ago.

I have a bloc loc TID set.  I have been playing with it and finally settled on sewing one thing.  I had some scraps of this autumn leaf print.

I had some of this shimmer fabric left over from a Row by Row I completed.  Unfortunately they did not tell you what color it was.  I thought that the print would make a cool TID piece but I needed more.  I tried doing an image search, but came up with nothing.  I tried matching and purchased this piece.
Yep not even close.  But it doesn't look too bad with my fabric.
It kind of looks like the color of the veins in the leaves.  I am kind of iffy about it. 

Finally I jumped on the Massdrop bandwagon.  There have been several drops that I have watched but never committed to.  I saw this one for a quick curve ruler, and 3 patterns. So far I am impressed with how
quickly the drop was shipped.  I can't wait to have time to play with this, and with the pricing I was very happy with the drop. 

Finally there are a bunch of QAL, and blog hops going on right now. 

The Splash of Color blog hop, which is ending tomorrow.  It is sponsored by Martingdale to celebrate the release of the quilting book Splash of Color by Jackie Kunkel.  Love the quilts that were made for the book! 

The Gypsy Queen QAL by Cora's Quilts.

The EQ7 Seasons Row-A-Long.   You can find the information about the rows here.

The Elm Street Quilts Harvest QAL.

Just to name a few.  I won a pattern from Morning Glory Designs from the EQ7 Seasons Row A Long.  How fun to choose a pattern from a store.  I chose a pattern called Indian Blanket.

So while I may not be doing a lot of sewing, I am doing a lot of planning. 


  1. love your yellow brick road and that new gold fabric. goes well with the leaves for sure.

  2. Yum, looks like some great ideas and purchases...I adore the Grunge fabric...yucky name for such a beautiful fabric line! A lot of my quilts end up with Vanilla Grunge as the background, enough that I buy it by the bolt!! Hope your sleep patterns go better this week :)

  3. Boy oh boy--two nights of little sleep--I'd be sleepwalking for sure--I had one last night--up at 4 am--I know I'll be dead on my feet by noon!! Hate that!! ;--((((

    I love your yellow brick road piece--really nice--those two colors remind me of the lovely pansey I had years ago....only lasted one season though and could never find it again--at least yours will be lasting!! Hugs, from another sleepyhead Julierose

  4. You poor thing! Going without sleep because of someone else's rude behavior or dogs barking is not good! It does look like you've managed to be productive in spite of a lack of sleep. Your yellow brick road is beautiful!

  5. know how that is... I have a lot of problems sleeping. do the zombie thing all the time , no fun. I never have what I need in my statch so I shop way to much , because you know if you need 1/2 yard of one thing , you have to add more to make it worth the postage

  6. Love the summer breeze fabric - it will be so pretty as the border! Hope you are sleeping better now.

  7. Sorry about the lack of sleep. I wasn't sleeping those nights either, but, mine was worry about cars.


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