Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Recap

Wow the month flew by!  I may have said this before, but my great grandmother that raised me used to say that the older you got the faster time flew by.  Of course being a little girl I didn't really understand, but as I age I understand the sentiment more and more.

My goals were:

1.  Quilt and bind the Christmas Table Runner.  I have it all sandwiched.
Finished it up and was so proud of myself!

 2.  I think it is time to finish up this BOM.  I discovered I only have a couple months left to finish.  There is a lot of cutting, and I hate those odd sizes but it will be worth it to have it done.

I fought to get this together.  I still have the borders to do but after taking it apart multiple times this is as far as I got for the month.

3.  I would love to get a couple more blocks from the BOM done after I figure out this one.
Nope didn't even touch it.
4.  I have a ton of quilting to get done.  We need to bring the quilter in!
I got started and didn't even get one pass finished yet.
5.  I am going to start to work on some Christmas gifts for the family.

I have been planning but nothing solid done yet. :(


Attended the police auction and purchased a truck.
Then my car started to go on the fritz once again so DH bought me a new car!
We canned about 20 quarts of spaghetti sauce, and about 17 quarts of tomato basil soup.

So far we have stacked about 2 1/2 cords of firewood.  We are about 1/3 of the way.  Lots more to go.

I wanted something small to work on and finished a row by row from Sauder Village.  I think I am actually going to sew the laser cut down.

 I have been working on cutting up scraps after I had the scrap block explosion.  I made this Kite table topper in fall colors and quilted it today!  I will put it in the upcoming sale.

The dark fabric was purchased a JAF a few years ago.  I discovered they still carry it. :D
I did this tiny stitchery and then used a hex and more ruler to make this little table topper too.  It will go to the sale also.  

I made a couple of bookmarks from scraps.  DH likes the one on the left because it is more finished looking than the one with the pinked edges.  I may be able to make a few more before Saturday.

I have made a bunch of tumbler blocks from scraps.
Also oodles of yoyos.
I need to work a bit more diligently on getting things prepped over the weekend so that I can work on some sewing during the week.  Since I haven't been getting much prepped I have been reading a lot.  I have read 13 books this month.  I am just a chapter or two short of 14 books.

How was your month?


  1. you got a lot accomplished. love your BOM and your table toppers. pretty pretty

  2. Whew! So much to report :) I like that BOM bkock but it sure looks like a lot of pieces. And I happen to like the pinked edge bookmark best, hehehe. Good luck at the sale!

  3. You HAVE been a busy gal--lots done! Not so much here; did finish big stitching Mom's Poms this morning; have to prep something to take while DH has his test...maybe will just bring my knitting..hoping we don't get that hurricane --so far it's got its eye on us!! Aaargh hugs, Julierose

  4. love your new car!
    just posted my month doings .
    You got a lot canned , more than I did. Hugs friend

  5. Oh I love spagetti and tomato basil soup!!! ENJOY yours! (Oh and home made...can't get better than this!) Enjoy your new car....and happy stitiching.

  6. Wow Colette, you definitely accomplished a lot!! Love all your quilting projects...made my first hexie this summer, a great portable project. The jars all in a row...sooo delicious. I've managed 12 quarts of pasta sauce...making my last batch today. My tomatoes were not very plentiful this year...that's ok...less to pack and move to Canada. Love your new car!!! Have a wonderful week, weather is suppose to be great...warming up in SE Michigan!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  7. 13 books great! I remember one year for home school Miss H and I read over 60 books each.

  8. Love the new RED car (red is my favorite color), I'd love some of that spaghetti sauce or the soup. I never learned how to can (mom hates cooking of any kind).


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