Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When A Quilter Finds An Orphan Block

Most of the weekend we were very busy.  Police Auction on Saturday.  We finally found a truck.

Needs a little work-- there is some profanity scratched into the hood which will need to either be buffed out, or taken to be painted., and it needs a new idler , or pitman arm for the steering, and new brakes.  But it will be nice to have a truck.  Having a farm without a truck is difficult.

The daughter went with us also.  She purchased 2 vehicles to go with her minivan.

While she can't fit her thundering herd in the vehicles it is better for running to and from work, so not as much wear and tear as on her minivan.  The family worked on the vehicles Saturday, and Sunday to get them road ready.

We also worked at splitting, and stacking wood for several hours, and pulled weeds out of my flower beds. I did get a little bit of sewing done. 

Have you ever read the book When You Give a Mouse A Cookie, quilters are a lot like that too!

 I found this orphan block while I was standing there waiting for the iron to warm up, I started pulling fabrics to go with it and pressing them.

I also had another orphan block that I found which was similar.
Now to decide what else I want to do with these block.  Center medallion quilt?  Pillow?

I finished up my embroidery block and was laying it out to sew.
I don't know if I am going to leave it this size or make it a little bit larger.

I also managed to get the pieces all cut out for the brown baggers block for guild. 

I started getting all of the blocks sewn together for this quilt.

All of these blocks have a definite way to go.  See all those lime green type of triangles.  They have to go together.  Once I got them all sewn together with these ones I discovered that I had the triangles put together backwards. 

I was lucky I only had to take apart two of the four blocks. 

So a little progress and a small step back.  Not bad for my crazy schedule anymore.


  1. nice projects all the way around from trucks to that gorgeous last one

  2. mmmm, looks like a great truck :) Orphans have a way of taking front and center if you let them, huh? Looks like a design wall quilt, those are always hard for me because I don't have a dedicated wall to put them up.

  3. Good looking truck, daughter as in daughter, yours or his?. I need to be rtf my extra blocks out and make a quilt out of them.Ought to make a good size , strange looking quilt

  4. Quilting, trucks and gardening - gee, you guys were busy!

  5. Nice truck! I cracked up that you were heating the iron up for one project and then found an orphan block and starting gathering fabrics for it. Sounds a little like me and my attention wandering problem. LOL Splitting wood and pulling weeds, too? What a woman!


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